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Mornop 80 alyva

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Esso Bekanol DHS

Molylub Honoil 5.1

Esso Dortan 14

Molylub Cutoil ZN 32

Esso Dortan DN 32

Molylub Cutoil A 6

Esso Dortan N33

Molylub Cutoil DHD 22

Esso Dortan NX 14

Molylub Cutoil ZF 32

Esso Dortan NX 37

Molylub Cutoil CF 30

Esso Dortan NX 51

Molylub Cutoil CF 15

Esso Fanox AN 32

Molylub Cutoil ZF 11

Fanox AN 38

Molylub Cutoil ZF 22

Esso Härteöl XD 80

Molylub Hardoil OHNS 19

Esso Hochleistungsschneidöl SP 22

Molylub Cutoil ZF 22

Esso Mornop 31

Molylub Drawoil Syn 32 AL

Esso Schneidöl DN 16

Molylub Cutoil ZN 22

Esso Schneidöl DN 37

Molylub Thread A 755

Esso Schneidöl DN 57

Molylub Honoil 5.1

Esso Schneidöl FN 46

Molylub Cutoil ZN 32

Esso Schneidöl HP 22

Molylub Cutoil CF 20

Esso Schneidöl MP 32

Molylub Cutoil Multi 32

Esso Tiefbohröl 41034

Molylub Cutoil DHD 10

Esso VAN 300

Molylub Cutoil ZN 46

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Molylub CutFluid H Plus

Kutwell 82

Molylub CurFluid H Extra

Esso Kutwell BR 40

Molylub Cutfluid Plus 10h

Esso Kutwell BR 50 EP

Molylub Cutfluid 350

Esso Kutwell BRS 72

Molylub Grindfluid Uni

Esso Multrol 820

Molylub Grindfluid HMA

Esso Ziehöl 2002

Molylub Drawfluid AL 9635

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Molylub AntiCor LH2

Esso RustBan 373

Molylub AntiCor LHX

Esso Rust-Ban 391

Molylub Dewat OIL 2.4

Esso RUST BAN 392

Molylub AntiCor DW3

Esso Rust-Ban 393

Molylub Dewat 2mk

Esso RUST-BAN 396

Molylub AntiCor DW12

Rustban 397

Molylub AntiCor LH3

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Kutwell Cutting Fluid

Product Description

Kutwell is a

premium quality soluble oil

offering outstanding emulsion stability and rust inhibition. It emulsifies easily and resists oil-water separation in adverse operating conditions, such as poor water quality or contamination with dirt or tramp oil. Kutwell also contains a bactericide to help guard against the formation of objectionable odors. Additionally, manufactured parts can be cleaned and protected against rusting by immersing them in a Kutwell emulsion at 66-82 ºC , then allowing the parts to dry.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent emulsion stability
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Outstanding lubricating properties
  • Dependable cooling of tool and work


  • Kutwell  water-mix cutting and grinding fluid is suitable for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metalworking operations. Dilution ratios for different applications are as follows

Esso Fanox AN 32

Esso Fanox AN 38

Esso Formenoel E-10

Esso Formenoel E-4

Esso Kutwell 42

Esso Kutwell BR 40

Esso Kutwell BR 50 EP

Esso Kutwell BRS 72

Esso Kutwell S 72

Esso Mornop 31

Esso Mornop 500

Esso Mornop 55

Esso Mornop 79

Esso Mornop 80

Esso Schneidoel DN 16

Esso Somentor 29

Esso Somentor 32

Esso Somentor 53

Esso Somentor N 60

Esso Somentor N 65

Esso Systemreiniger Extra

Esso Wyrol H 15

Esso Wyrol H 22