Danfoss Maneurop stūmoklinių kompresorių alyvos

Maneurop 160 SZ alyva

320 HV Maneurop tepalas

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Maneurop 160ABM

Molyduval Patricia KAR 32

Maneurop 160P

Leprinxol HFA 32

Maneurop 160PE

NycoLube 7030

Maneurop 160PZ

Nycobase 7450

Maneurop 160SZ

NycoLube 7030

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The Danfoss product range

for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry:

Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning

These products include hermetic reciprocating compressors, scroll

ompressors and fan-cooled condensing units. Typical applications are air conditioning units, water chillers and commercial refrigeration systems.

Compressors and Condensing Units

This part of the range includes hermetic compressors and fan-cooled

condensing units for household refrigerators and freezers, and for commercial units such as bottle coolers and drinks dispensers.We also offer

compressors for heat pumps, and 12 and 24 V compressors for refrigerators and freezers in commercial vehicles and boats

Appliance Controls

Danfoss offers a range of customer-specific electromechanical

thermostats for refrigerators and freezers, electronic temperature

controls with or without display, and service thermostats for use when

servicing refrigeration and freezing appliances.

Refrigeration and air conditioning controls

Our full product range covers all control, safety, system protection and

monitoring requirements in mechanically and electronically controlled

refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The products are used in

countless applications within the commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.