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ICI believes it has stolen a march can its rivals by developing a lubricant in-house that can be used in compressors designed for HFC 134a. The two products can now be offered in tandem for application such as domestic refrigeration and automotive air conditioning, as well as in commercial scale chillers and air conditioning units.

The achievement means that ICI is able to take compressors provided by potential customers and demonstrate the performance of' its lubricant and HFC 134a products in their own equipment. This lessens the uncertainty when choosing between suppliers of HFC 134a and provides an important marketing advantage, according to lubricants marketing manager in ICI's automotive and engineering industry group, Will Scot. He says other manufacturers have tried to mirror the achievement by teaming up with compressor manufacturers.

The new range of Emkarate ester-based lubricants has been in development for two years at a rough cost of £10m ($18.6m) and is being tested by 40 compressor manufacturers in the US, Europe, Brazil, the Asia-Pacific and central Europe. Performance characteristics of the now lubricants - lubricity, oil return, hydrolytic, chemical and thermal stability - are said to at least match those of competitor products. The lubricant/134a team is said to offer typical energy savings of 10% over mineral oil/CFC 12 systems, and important consideration given the significant global warming potential of HFC 134a.

Scot estimates that compressor manufacturers will have to make a choice of sources of refrigerant and lubricant within the next year, so as to be ready to use them in new appliances by 1995 when CFS production is phased out. The Emkarates are being marketed separately from Klea 134a and can be used with any HFC 134a product.

Specialty chemical supplier ICI Group announced last week that it will try to sell oleochemical subsidiary Uniqema in order to focus on other priorities. Uniqema manufactures surfactants and synthetic base stocks used in the lubricants and other industries, as well as specialty products such as compressor oils and refrigerator lubricants sold under the Emkarate brand.

ICI, formally known as Imperial Chemicals Industries PLC, announced its plan for Uniqema Thursday as part of its report of the parent companys financial results for 2005. ICI management stressed that it is pleased with Uniqemas performance, especially its ability to generate cost savings since ICI announced a company-wide restructuring program in 2003.