Specifikacijos alyva

Bosch VS 15665-OL

Molylub CAF

MB 228.1

Repsol Multi G Diesel

MB 228.3

Repsol Diesel Turbo THPD

MB 228.31

Repsol Turbo THPD MID Saps

MB 228.5

Repsol Turbo UHPD

MB 228.51

Repsol Turbo UHPD MID Saps

MB 229.1

Repsol Elite Injection

MB 229.3

Repsol Elite Multivalvulas

MB 229.31

Repsol Elite Evolution

MB 229.5

Repsol Elite Common Rail 5w30

MB 235.0

Repsol Cartago EP 80w90

MB 235.1

Repsol Cartago EP 80W

MB 235.20

Repsol Cartago Multigrado

MB 235.28

Repsol Diesel Turbo VHPD

MB 236.1

Repsol ATF 3

MB 236.7

Repsol Matic ATF

MB 236.8

Repsol Matic Sintetico

MB 341.0

Molyduval Herkules HH 10

MB 342.0

Molyduval Herkules HVV 15

MB 343.0

Molyduval Herkules HH 22

MB 344.0

Molyduval Herkules SE 32

MB 345.0

Molyduval Syntholube A 22

MB 362.0

Nycobase 7450

ISO DP 6521

Molyduval Patricia CDM


Molylub Gear SP Oil


Molylub R ISO


Molylub GW ISO


Molylub GWA ISO


Leprinxol DHG


Molylub HYD ISO


Molylub HVI ISO


Molyduval Syntholube


Repsol Telex HFC 46


Repsol Telex Vulcano 68


Molyduval Herkules HFD 46


Molyduval Rabilube


Hydraunycoil 4230


Molylub Anticor DW W


Molylub Anticor DW HW


Molylub Anticor DW W2


Molylub HYD 32


Molylub HYD 46

ISO VG 150

Leprinxol Gear SP 150

ISO 14419 : 2010

Textol WE

ISO 6743/3

Leprinxol Therm M 32

ISO 6743-11 Class LP

Molyduval Phoenix D 22

ISO 6743-11 : 1990 Family P

Molyduval Phoenix M 46

ISO 6743-12 Q

Molylub Therm Syn

ISO 7308

Molylub HVV


Leprinxol VDL 46

DIN 51 502 D

Molyduval Phoenix D 22

DIN 51503 KA

Repsol Ice

DIN 51503 KAA

Molyduval Patricia KAB

Din 51503 KAB

Molyduval Patricia KG

DIN 51503 KC

Molyduval Patricia K

DIN 51503 KD

Nycobase 7450

DIN 51 506

Molylub VDL alyvos

DIN 51515-1 LTD

Repsol Aries

DIN 51515-2 LTG

Repsol Turbo Aries

DIN 51517-2 CL

Molylub GW ISO

DIN 51517-3 CLP

Molylub CLP ISO

DIN 51517-3 CGLP

Molyduval Syntholube G

DIN 51522

Molylub WTO

DIN 51524 HL

Molylub GWA ISO

DIN 51524 HLP

Leprinxol HYD ISO

DIN 51524 HVLP

Leprinxol HVI ISO

DIN 51 524 T3

Molyduval Herkules HVV 15


Molyduval Tantalus A

DIN 62136-1

Molyduval Corona 32

DIN 62136-2

Molyduval Corona SE

AGMA 9005 E02 EP

Repsol Super Tauro


Repsol Cartago 80w90

GOTS 3.0 (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Textol ISO

MAN 342 M1

Repsol Cartago Multigrado


Repsol Cartago 80w90


Molylub VDL ISO

SAE J967

Molylub CAF




Starting, Servicing & Maintenance Instructions The purpose of the 
following documents (R 12H to RP 14H) is to define the general 
recommendations needed to obtain the best service from components 
and systems. The recommendations contain advice on general 
matters, installation, filling, initial starting, inspection, maintenance 
and trouble shooting. These should be used in conjunction with the 
specific instructions of the manufacturers for their design or particular 
conditions of use.

RP 12H 1967

Recommendations for starting, servicing and maintenance of hydraulic 
power pumps No related ISO Standard

RP 13H 1967

Recommendations for starting, servicing and maintenance of hydraulic 
motors No related ISO Standard

P 14H 1967

Recommendations for starting, servicing and maintenance of complete 
hydraulic transmissions Related ISO Standards: ISO 4413

R 39H 1987

Schedule of required data for hydraulic fluids This document has been 
prepared to assist fluid suppliers, equipment manufacturers and users 
to determine the data which can be made available for each hydraulic 
fluid and agreed means for stating this data. No related ISO Standard

R 48H 1984
(reconfirmed 1993)

Evaluation of the anti-corrosive qualities of water based fire resistant 
fluids A laboratory bench-top method is described to measure the 
effect of water based fluids on specified metals. Related ISO 
Standards:ISO 4404 *This recommendation is effectively superseded 
by ISO 4404. A method specific to HFD-type fluids is in development in 

RP 55H 1995

Schedule of fire resistant tests for fire resistant fluids A revised 
version of the 1974 document. Lists test procedures for determining 
the low inflammability of pressure fluids. No related ISO Standard

RP 64H 1974
(reconfirmed 1992)

Effect of evaporation on flammability This method is used for 
determining the effect of evaporation on the flammability of a fire 
resistant fluid. It consists of checking the flammability of the liquid, 
storing the sample in an oven for the time and at the temperature 
required by the specification and rechecking flammability. No related 
ISO Standard

RP 65H 1974
(reconfirmed 1993)

Manifold ignition test This method is used for determining the relative 
flammability of a liquid in contact with hot surface. No related ISO 
Standard *A possible replacement for this recommendation is in 
development in CEN/TC19

RP 67H
(revised 1999)

Anti-wear vane pump test for hydraulic fluids This test assesses the 
anti-wear properties of hydraulic fluids by means of a vane type 
hydraulic pump. It is for fluids intended for use in applications with 
high speed sliding contacts such as are encountered in a vane pump. 
No related ISO Standard *A possible replacement for this 
recommendation is in development in CEN/TC19

RP 72H 1975
(reconfirmed 1992)

Evaporation test for fire resistant fluid type HFC This test determines 
the rate of evaporation and checks that during evaporation no hard or 
waxy deposits are formed. No related ISO Standard

RP 109H 1983
(reconfirmed 1993)

Hydraulic fluid power - Filter elements - Low temperature integrity test 
This is a standard method for carrying out a low temperature test on 
filter elements to verify the ability of a filter element to withstand such 
a test and maintain its performance integrity. No related ISO Standard

RP 110H 1987 

Fluids for hydraulic transmission - Fire-resistant fluids - Category HFA 
- Specifications This document gives the required values for HFAE and 
HFAS fluids; the concentrates and test waters. Suggestions are also 
given for the production, operation, care, supervision and disposal of 
the diluted fluid. Related ISO Standards: ISO 12922 – (see also ISO 

RP 112H 1984

Fluids for hydraulic transmission - Mineral oil category HV - Method for 
determination of shear stability This document describes a standard 
procedure for determining the resistance to shear of hydraulic fluids 
containing polymers (for more modern method see RP 122H). No 
related ISO Standard

RT 113H 1987 

Hydraulic fluid power - Flushing of hydraulic systems Flushing is a 
procedure which is vital to the operation and life of a hydraulic 
system. This document provides guidance applicable to all systems. 
No related ISO Standard

RT 117H 1987 

Hydraulic fluid power - Flushing of hydraulic systems Flushing is a 
procedure which is vital to the operation and life of a hydraulic 
system. This document provides guidance applicable to all systems. 
No related ISO Standard

RT 118H 1988 

Guidelines to the contamination control in hydraulic fluid power 
systems Most hydraulic component failures are due to the presence of 
abrasive contaminant in the fluid. Clean hydraulic fluid is the key to 
reliability and effective contamination control is the way to achieve 
and maintain this. No related ISO Standard. An updated guide, 
‘BFPA/P5’ is available from BFPA.

RP 121H 1991

Hydraulic fluid power - Mounting surfaces for flow directional, pressure 
control, check and flow control valves This document is an update of 
the previous documents R 35H and RP 69H. Related ISO Standards: 
ISO 4401, ISO 5781, ISO 6263, ISO 6264




EEC Directive “Safety of Machinery” (98/37/EC) This document 
describes the agreed CETOP position on the directive and its 
application to fluid power systems and components.


EEC Directive “Electromagnetic Compatibility” (89/336/EEC) This 
document describes the agreed CETOP position on the directive and its 
application to fluid power components.


Draft EC Directive “Pressure Equipment” (97/23/EC) This document 
describes the agreed CETOP position on the directive and its 
application to fluid power systems and components.



Title & Related ISO Standard(s)            

R 6H 1979


R 8H 1971

Definitions and symbols of performance characteristics - pumps,
motors and integral transmissions Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 4391

RP 9H 1964

Technical conditions of delivery Withdrawn 1996 - no longer relevant

R 10H 1979 

Hydraulic cylinder - Cylinder internal diameters and rod diameter - 
Sizes of threaded rods and ports - Nominal pressures - Piston strokes 
Withdrawn 1997 - see ISO 3320, 3321, 3322, 4393, 4395, 7181, 8136, 
8137, 8138

R 11H 1973

Recommendations for installation, commissioning and maintenance of 
complete hydraulic systems Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 4413

RP 15H 1971

Recommendations for starting, servicing and maintenance of hydraulic 
valves Withdrawn 1997 - no longer relevant

RP 16H 1971

Recommendations for starting, servicing and maintenance of hydraulic 
cylinders Withdrawn 1997 - no longer relevant

RP 17H 1971 

Recommendations for starting, maintenance and servicing of hydraulic 
intensifiers Withdrawn 1997 - no longer relevant

RP 18H 1973

Recommendations for installation, commissioning and maintenance of 
hydraulic accumulators Withdrawn 1997 - no longer relevant

R 34 1978

Couplings for fluid power hoses Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 12151, 
Parts 1-5

R 35H 

Mounting surfaces for hydraulic directional valves Withdrawn - see RP 

RP 41 1975 

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems - Circuit diagrams Withdrawn 1996 - 
see ISO 1219-2

RP 47H 1975 

Recommendations for the design, manufacture and safe application of 
gas-loaded hydraulic accumulators Withdrawn 1996 - see EN 982 & 
ISO 4413

RP 56H 

Test method to determine the fire resistance of FR fluids using a CFR 
(Co-operative Fuel Research) engine at variable compression speed 
(based on ASTM D 613-61T) Withdrawn - due to lack of test-rigs

R 58H 1974 

Hydraulic cylinders - 160 bar - Medium series - Mounting dimensions - 
Bores 25 to 500 mm Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 6020-1  

RP 60H 1973 

Specification for oil hydraulic piston rods Withdrawn 1996 - see 
ISO 3320 & 3321

RP 62H 1975 

Definitions and symbols of the operating characteristics of gas-loaded 
hydraulic accumulators Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 5596  

RP 63H 1973 

Square flange connections for hydraulic piping Withdrawn 1996 - see 
ISO 6162, 6163, 6164

RP 66H 1974 

Wick test Withdrawn 1999 - see ISO 14935 

RP 69H 

Hydraulic fluid power - mounting surfaces for flow control, pressure 
control and check valves Withdrawn - see RP 121H

RP 70H 

Identification code for the level of solid contaminant in hydraulic fluids 
Withdrawn - see ISO 4406

RP 71 

Quantities, symbols and units of the international system (SI) to be 
used for fluid power Withdrawn - see ISO 1000  

RP 73H 1974 

Hydraulic cylinders - 250 bar mounting dimensions - bores 50 to 500
mm Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 6022

RP 75H 

Fluids for hydraulic transmissions - mineral oils - classification 
Withdrawn 1987 - see ISO 6743-4 

RP 76 1975 

Outside diameters for tubes in fluid power applications Withdrawn - 
see ISO 4397  

RP 77H 

Fluids for hydraulic transmissions - fire resistant fluids - classification 
Withdrawn 1987 - see ISO 6743-4 

RP 78H 1975

Hydraulic cylinders - tolerances Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 8131 & 

RP 80 1978

Cone type connection - 24 degree - for fluid power tubes and hoses 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 8434-1, 8434-4, 12151-2

R 81H 

Compatibility of hydraulic fluids with elastomeric materials Withdrawn 
1987 - see ISO 6072

RP 86H 1979 

Guidelines for the use of fire-resistant fluids in hydraulic systems 
ithdrawn 1996 - see ISO 7745

RP 87H 1978 

Hydraulic cylinders - mounting dimensions for rod end plain eye 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 6981  

RP 88H 1978 

Hydraulic cylinders - mounting dimensions for rod end spherical eye 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 6982  

R 89H 

Fluids for hydraulic systems - mineral oils - stability corrosion test 
Withdrawn 1991  

RP 91H 1988

Fluids for hydraulic transmission mineral oils - specifications 
Withdrawn 1999 - see ISO 11158

RP 92H

Statement of requirements for filters in hydraulic systems Withdrawn - 
see ISO 7744 

RP 93H

Anti-wear test for hydraulic fluids using an internal gear type steering 
motor Withdrawn 1992

RP 94H 1978

Determination of particulate matter in hydraulic fluids using an 
automatic size analyser employing the light interruption principle 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 11500

RP 95H

Recommended method for the bottle sampling of hydraulic fluids for 
particle counting Withdrawn - see ISO 4021

RP 96H 1980

Hydraulic fluid power - cavities for two-port slip-in cartridge valves 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 7368

RP 97H 1989

Fluids for hydraulic transmission - fire-resistant fluids - specification 
Withdrawn 1999 - see ISO 12922

RP 98H 1979

Guidelines for the specification, selection and application of hydraulic 
reservoir air breather filters Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 7744

RP 99H 1982

Hydraulic fluid power - modular stack and directional control valves - 
sizes 03 and 05 - clamping dimensions Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 

RP 100 1976 

Hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power glossary Withdrawn 1996 - see 
ISO 5598

RP 101 

Lexicon of terms from the hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power 
glossary Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 5598

RP 104H 1982 

Hydraulic fluid power - acceptance test for hydraulic cylinders 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 10100 

RP 106H 

Hydraulic quick action couplings Withdrawn - see ISO 7241-1 

RP 108H 1991 

Hydraulic fluid power 2, 3 and 4 port screw-in cartridge valve cavities 
Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 7789  

RP 115H 1987 

Hydraulic fluid power - 4 port and 5 port servo-valves - Mounting 
surfaces Withdrawn 1996 - see ISO 10372

RP 122H 1995 

Viscosity Shear Stability of Hydraulic Oils (Taper Roller Bearing Rig) 
Withdrawn 1999 - see CEC L-45-A-99

RP 123H 1995 

Classification of ecologically acceptable hydraulic fluids Withdrawn 
1999 - see ISO 6743-4

RP 124H 1995 

Procedure for the determination of the filterability of hydraulic and 
lubrication oils - procedure for 'dry' oils Withdrawn 1999 - see ISO 
13357-2 (ISO/DIS 13357-1 for ‘wet’ oils is in development)


Draft EEC Directive “Noise Emission by Equipment Used Outdoors” 
Withdrawn 2001. CETOP comments considered in development of EC
Directive 2000/14/EC.


CETOP Statement concerning the Proposal for a New Draft of the 
“Machinery” Directive (II/4101/97 rev. 2, 21/01/1998) This document 
describes the agreed CETOP position on the proposed 3rd amendment 
to the directive and the terminology used (e.g. ‘safety components’, 
‘quasi-machine’, etc.)  


Finalised CETOP Position Paper “Pressure Equipment Directive - Fluids” 
Withdrawn 2001. Content incorporated into PP04.

Reikiamos alyvos parinkimas pagal turimą įrangos specifikaciją.

ISO ir DIN standartų pramoninės alyvos

  • ISO 6743-4 classification

ISO – L – HH – Mineral lubricants without corrosion inhibitors

ISO – L – HL – Lubricants HH with oxidation-reduction and anticorrosive additives

ISO – L – HM – HL lubricants with wear reducing additives

ISO – L – HR – HL lubricants with a high viscosity index

ISO – L – HV – HM lubricants with a high viscosity index

ISO – L – HG – HM lubricants with shock resistant features

ISO – L – HS – Synthetic liquids

  • ISO 6743-4 classification of fireproof hydraulic liquids:
ISO – L – HFAE – Emulsion, oil-in-water
ISO – L – HFAS – Chemical combinations in water
ISO – L – HFB – Emulsion, water-in-oil
ISO – L – HFC – Water / glycol
ISO – L – HFDR – Phosphorus esters – without water
ISO – L – HFDS – Chlorinated hydrocarbons – without water
ISO – L – HFDT – HFDR / HFDS mixtures
ISO – L – HFDU – Anhydrous liquids, more resistant than HFDR, HFDS or HFDT
  • ISO 6743-4 classification of biodegradable hydraulic liquids:
ISO – L – HETG – Triglycerides (vegetable oils)
ISO – L – HEES – Synthetic esters
ISO – L – HEPG – Polyglycols
  • ISO 11158:2009 specifies the minimum requirements for new mineral oil hydraulic fluids and is intended for hydraulic systems, particularly for hydrostatic hydraulic fluid power application. The purpose of ISO 11158:2009 is for the guidance of suppliers and end users of mineral oil hydraulic fluids and for the direction of equipment manufacturers of hydraulic systems.


  • ISO 11158:2009 is written in a general form so that its application can accommodate various climatic conditions throughout the world. ISO 11158:2009 also stipulates the requirements for mineral-oil hydraulic fluids at the time of delivery.

Classification of fluids used in hydraulic applications is defined in ISO 6743-4. Of the categories covered by ISO 6743-4, only five types of mineral oil based fluids are embraced in ISO 11158:2009. These categories are HH, HL, HM, HV and HG.

ISO 6743-11:1990

Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L) -- Classification -- Part 11: Family P (Pneumatic tools)

Establishes the detailed classification for pneumatic tools and machines driven by compressed air. This classification system covers only lubricants which are in contact with the compressed air. Pneumatic tools or machinery may have other points of lubrication. This classification applies only for normal operational and environmental conditions. If abnormal conditions are encountered, the manufacture of the equipment