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* Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal metalo rūšį, jo apdirbimo operaciją ir jos darbo sąlygas



Fine Blanking and Drawing oil - chlorine-free

Description Ester oil-based deep-drawing oil, stamping oil and fine blanking oil with corrosion inhibitors, EP-agents, natural and synthetic lubricants and with good adhesive properties. Application WISURA ZW 3356 is used for extremely difficult forming of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and also for precision blanking and fine blanking. The lubricant can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying. Supplied ready for use.

  • Holifa VP1125/11 
  • Holifa HFF 1
  • Wisura FMO 5020
  • Holifa VP1127
  • Holifa HFF 22
  • Wisura FMO 5010
  • Holifa VP1150/250 
  • Wisura ZW 3356


opta Cool 500 alyva

Cut Akafil



High performance cutting and broaching oil WISURA DMO 2003 gives extraordinary performance and is the result of many years of wide-ranging experience. Tackles the most problematic jobs with ease, such as severe machining processes, cuttability of many materials and extreme production conditions. Composition WISURA DMO 2003 is manufactured using a special process and consists of particular base oils. Moreover it contains high proportions of various additives such as sulphur compounds, polar additives, special anti-wear, anti-ageing and corrosion protection additives. WISUSRA DMO 2003 contains no chlorine or heavy metals. The oil is light in colour, with low volatility, low-odour, extremely skin compatible and neither foams nor forms-excessive oil mist even in unfavourable operating conditions. Areas of application WISURA DMO 2003 is suited to all metal-cutting processes, even the most difficult, and for extremely difficult to cut materials. It performs particularly well with thread cutting and tapping, in the area of gear wheel production (gear hobbing and gear shaping) and is also very effective for milling and punching. Another application area is the press-polishing of crankshafts bearing carriers. WISURA DMO 2003 ensures excellent tool life, outstanding surface finish and extreme dimensional

Cooling and lubrication The cutting result is improved and the service life of the punch increased if the cutting track is coated with oil before machining the work piece. Recommended for steel: Punching and nibbling oil, order no. HW103387. Recommended for aluminium: Wisura oil, order no. HW125874 Interior cut-outs Interior cut-outs require a start hole of at least 24