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Wirtgen Group Motoroel 15w40

Leprinxol Super Turbo Diesel 15w40

Wirtgen Group Getriebeoel 85w90

Leprinxoll Hypoid Gear Oil DB 80W-90

Wirtgen Hidraulikoel HVLP 46

Molylub HVC 46

Wirtgen Fraswalzengetriebeoel

Molyduval Tantalus A 150

Konsistenciniai tepalai

Wirtgen Mehrzweckfett

Molylub Lycos MZ 2

Wirtgen Kuplung und Remixerfett

Molyduval Coupling Grease

Wirtgen Waltz und Gleitlagerfett

Molyduval Valenzia

Wirtgen Teleskoprohrfett

Molyduval Siligra GI

Wirtgen Bandagenlagerfett

Molylub Multitherm 2

Wirtgen Fahrlagerfett

Molyduval Fett FLI

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Termo alyva Molylub Therm M 32



Lubricant comparison table for all Wirtgen machines

under consideration of normal operating conditions at ambient temperatures of -15°C to +40°C. The lubricant comparison table compares a lubricant of a trade name with the lubricants of other trade manufacturers. Due to the enormous quantity of lubricant manufacturers, it is not possible to include them all. For this reason, the Engineering Department decided to include the products of important suppliers that are presently available on the German market. A modification of this table could, if necessary, be carried out at a later date. The lubricant industry is a fast-moving industry and new products are frequently penetrating the market, while others are continuosly disappearing. The designations of existing products are also being frequently altered. A complete schedule of all available lubricants, including all data, approvals (e.g. from engine and gearbox manufactures) and specific quality characteristics, is not possible due to volume reasons. The stated specifications take into consideration DIN, API and MIL standards.

Heat transmission oil for forced-circuit units up to 320°C DIN 51522-Q ISO-VG 22 (32)