Westfalia Separator

GEA Westfalia separatoriaus alyva

GEA dekanterio tepalas HIGH PERFORMANCE

WS-0036 tepimas

Originalus produktas

Siūloma alternatyva

Westfalia alyvos

Westfalia Separator CLP 220

Molylub Gear Oil SP 220


Molyduval Tantalus A 220

Westfalia 0015-02013-000

Molyduval Tantalus A 220

Westfalia konsistenciniai tepalai


Molylub Lycos EP 2

Westfalia 0015-0129-010

Molylub  Fett EP 2

WS-0132 High speed grease

Molyduval Supravit 52 LM

0015-0132-000 Westfalia

Molyduval Supravit 52 LM


Molyduval Long-Life HD 2

Westfalia 0015-0103-000

Molylub Mehrzweckfett 2

W-0128 Petamo

MolyduvaL Pegasus UE 2

Westfalia 0015-0128-010

Molyduval Pegasus UE 2

Westfalia Mehrzweckfett

Molylub Mehrzweckfett W

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GEA Westfalia Separator



Part. No. 0015-0013-000

GEA Westfalia WS-0013

WS Part-No. 0015-0014-080 CLP alyva

DECANTER lubrication

A centrifuge decanter; consists of a solid cylindirical bowl rotating at high speed, a scroll rotating at the same  axis with a slightly different speed, a drive group adjusting the speed difference and the body which carries all the rotating elements.

Liquid and suspended solids are fed along the centre line to a distribution room within the bowl and then accelerated into the bowl by centrifugal force through the feeding point. This centrifugal force then causes the suspended solids to settle and accumulate at the bowl wall.

Sludge cake is discharged by scroll from the conical part meanwhile clarified liquid flows back along the bowl and is discharged through the cylindirical end of the bowl by plates which can adjust the level of clarified liquid.

Centrifuge decanters are applied for separation of liquid mixtures, separation of solid-liquid mixtures, dewatering, thickening, classification of solid-liquid mixtures and extraction of components.