Tekstilinės alyvos pulverizatorius

Tekstilinės alyvos purškiklis                 


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Pliūpsnio temperatūra PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temperatūra ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės





Corona E 15



















- 59

Tekstiliniai aerozoliai.

Rankinio purškiklio pakuotėje esanti pilnai sintetinė žemo klampumo tekstilinė alyva verpimo rėmelių kakliukams, žiedams – skriejikams, velenėliams. Taip pat sunkiau prieinamoms tepimui mezgimo, siuvimo, sukimo mašinų greitasūkėms detalėms, velenėliams, adatoms, lomoms ir pan.

Ekstremalių temperatūrų sintetinės esterių, lengvai nuo audinio nuplaunamos alyvos pagrindu.



Pramoniniai aerozoliai

Mezgimo platinų ir verpimo žiedų AERZOLIS

Use this synthetic, high quality spray lube on your knitting machine when the carriages become hard to push, the machine metal surfaces feel dry and papery, when there is a lot of dirt on the knitting beds where the carriage rides or just to clean the machine surface. Give the can a shake before you use it. Take a soft cloth or a paper shop towel and squirt some spray lube onto the cloth. Notice that the scent of this product is mild and not overwhelming! Wipe off any dirt from your machine. If you need to clean the back rails or the inside of the carriages, just spray it directly and work it in using a stiff brush. We recommend a bristle artist's oil paint brush about 1/2" wide with bristles up to 3/4" long. Clean the grime off with a soft cloth. When you are finished cleaning, a quick spray of the lube over the clean surfaces will usually be enough lubrication. Also works great for removing sticky tape residue, and automotive use.

Rankinis mezgimo platinų purškiklis

 Most knitters use readily available cheaper petroleum oils for the needle lubrication of knitting machines without paying much attention to their quality and performance. With the latest high productivity circular knitting machines like

Mayer, Terrot, Orizio, Fukuhara, Jumberca, Monarch, Camber, Vanguard etc.

Operating at higher speeds, the petroleum oils tend to evaporate faster at high temperatures, leaving gummy, carbonaceous deposits which cause stains to the knitted fabric. Because of the staining problem, the knitters usually use less oil and thereby worsening the problem, as the lubrication becomes inadequate causing wear and tear of needles etc. and prevent the machine to run as its full capacity. This vicious circle eventually leads to lower productivity, more staining and increased wear and tear of needles, resulting in higher maintenance and lesser production.

Now, all these problems can be avoided, very simply, by switching over to CVC KNITLUBE (Synthetic Knitting Oil). This is a new generation synthetic oil revolutionizing the knitting industry in India for last 10 years. It is approved and / or recommended by MAYER TERROT, FUKUHARA and other major Knitting Machinery Manufacturers. It has many benefits over petroleum based knitting oils as shown below.


It is non-staining.

It is easily & completely water washable.

Because of the lower friction with CVC KNITLUBE, the machine runs cooler by around 4 – 8 oC and therefore it allows the machine to operate at higher speeds and improves its productivity considerably.

No sticky or carbonaceous deposits causing stains at high temperature.

Lower evaporation rates at high temperature.

It reduces wear & tear of needles and other moving parts.

Compatible with the plastic part & rubber seals of Lubrication & Electronic Systems.

Environmentally safer than petroleum oils.