Turbinų reguliatorių HFD skystis

Turbinų reguliatorių skysčiai                               


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Pliūpsnio temp. PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temperatūra ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės


Sintetico Comander EHC









FHD tipo užsiliepsnojimui atsparus triarilfosfatų pagrindo

turbinų reguliatorių skystis

elektro-hidraulikos kontrolės garo turbinų sistemoms. ISO-LTCD

Sintetinės alyvos garo kontrolės įrangai

Control steam turbine systems, including those systems which use low tolerance servo-valves. As it is synthetic, any changes from universal fluids to this type should not be made without prior consultation as its compatibility with joints is completely different.

 Recommended uses
Control systems of steam turbines in conventional or nuclear power stations. As a lubricant in gas turbines.
 Properties
● Resistance to fire (Mutual-Standard-6930)
- Heated circuit test - without ignition.
- Spray ignition (maximum burning persistence) 3 seconds.
● Anti-wear
- Testing in Vickers pump 250 hours:
. Hoop weight loss: 5.9 mg.
. Pallet weight loss: 3.3mg.
. Total loss: 9.2 mg.
- Four-ball test (40 kg. 1 hour)
. Average scar diameter: 0.6 mm.
- FZG test – Damage step: 8.
 Quality level
● FHD fluid. Approved by the principal turbine manufacturers, such as Siemens-KWU, BBC, AEG, PARSON, etc.
● Complies with ASTM-D-4293, ISO-LTCD.