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Thermo King 203-413

Nycobase 7450

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Thermo King 203-433

NB 7450

Thermo King 203-513

NL 7030

Thermo King 30632

 Leprinxol HFA 100

Thermo King 306328

Leprinxol HFA 68

Thermo King 67-404

Molyduval Patricia KA 32

Thermo King 67-426

Leprinxol HFA 32

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Thermo King Tech Tips:

Engines: Any time you replace an engine we recommend you install a new oil pressure switch, a new water temperature switch and a new coolant thermostat.

Compressor: When replacing a compressor always replace the drier and install a compressor oil filter kit.  Thermo King also recommends running the unit for a few hours at testing with the oil test kit to validate the compressor oil is acceptable.  Always remember to closely inspect the compressor drive bushings for wear.

Alternator: Any time you change an alternator, we recommend installing a new drive belt to ensure maximum uptime before the next related service.

Starter: Any time you replace a starter, always test the battery and the charging system for performance.

Refrigeration: Any time a refrigeration system is open for service we recommend you change the drier to assure maximum system performance.  If the system was open for any amount of time, we also recommend testing the compressor oil with an oil test kit to assure the oil is not contaminated.