Sintetinių fenilų Therminol alyvos


Therminol 66
Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol 66 yra vienas populiariausia savo klasėje aukštatemperatūrinė skystos fazes šilumos perbnešimo alyva.  

Tinka darbinėms operacijoms iki 345° C.

Pumpuojamumasis iki -3° C

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Sena alyva Rekomenduojama nauja
Therminol 55 Novarol Therm Syn 30
Therminol 66 Leprinxol Therm 550

Therminol 55

Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol 55 yra sintetinė šilumokaičių alyva nuosaikioms temperatūroms nuo -25°C iki 290°C.

Specialių termo alyvų parinkimas reikiamai darbinei kontaktinės plėvelės temperatūrai

Therminol replacement

Novarol Therm Syn 30 is a synthetic organic fluid for liquid phase applications in closed, non-pressurized heat transfer systems with forced circulation. Novarol Therm Syn 30 can be used instead of mineral oils. The upper limit of use was set at 300 °C. The advantageous working range is at operating temperatures between 150 °C and 300 °C. Novarol Therm Syn 30 circuits can be operated optimally, even in the upper application range, with a low inert gas back pressure of approx. 50-100 mbar on the expan-sion tank. As inert gas Nitrogen has been proven.
Novarol Therm Syn 30 has proven to be highly resistant to thermal influences throughout its application. At high operating temperatures, however, the thermal decomposition leads to the formation of low- and high-boiling secondary products in tolerable quantities. The low-boiling components are advantageously discharged via the expansion vessel continuously or at appro-priate maintenance intervals. Too much enrich-ment is to be avoided in order to ensure a safe operating condition of the system. Non-separated secondary products remain complete-ly dissolved in the heat transfer fluid. With ap-proach of the high boilers to a content of 15 mass-%, the filling should be replaced.
When used correctly, Novarol Therm Syn 30 does not form highly viscous or solid deposits within its application limits. A formation of depos-its on the heat exchanger surfaces or silting of the heat transfer medium circuit could not be observed until now.
Novarol Therm Syn 30 is relatively resistant to air for an organic heat transfer fluid. The product is particularly suitable for use in heat transfer circuits for the temperature control of processing machines, calenders, etc., in which, due to structural conditions, the action of air on the heat transfer fluid cannot be ruled out completely.
Due to its favorable viscosity curve, Novarol Therm Syn 30 can be pumped around easily with conventional centrifugal pumps up to a tem-perature of approx. -10 °C, conveying problems when filling and starting a system with Novarol Therm Syn 30 under unfavorable weather condi-tions has not to feared. Construction and opera-tion of the heat transfer system should be aligned with the recommendations of DIN 4754. By means of product-specific quality controls, the operating status of the heat transfer medium filling must be checked regularly.
Novarol Therm Syn 30 is a component of the comprehensive range of high-performance heat transfer fluids for the temperature range from -90 to 360 °C.
 Wide range of operating temperature
 Compatible with common materials used in plant construction
 No adverse effects in use so far detecta-ble
 Relatively stable to air
 Low viscosity ensures turbulent flow and thus good heat transfer