Sullair kopresoriaus alyva

Sullair kompresoriaus alyva


Originali Sullair alyva


Siūloma  alternatyva


Sullair SULLUBE kompresorių alyvos


Molyduval Patricia CDG 46

Sullair Sullube 32

Molyduval Patricia

Sullair Sullube 60

Molyduval Patricia CDG 46

Sullair ACTI-8

Molyduval Patricia CDG

SAS Sullube Compressor Fluid

Molyduval Patricia CDGE 32

Sullair silikoninės kompresorių alyvos

Sullair 24KT

Molyduval Patricia CDS 40

Sullair maistinės PristineFG kompresorių alyvos


Sullair PristineFG


Molyduval Soraja CDA 32




Molyduval Soraja CDA 32 H1


Sullair All Weather Fluid (AWF) kompresorių alyvos


Sullair AWF


Molyduval Patricia CDM 46


SULLAIR AWF, 250030-757


Molyduval Patricia CDM 46


Sullair SRF kompresorių alyvos


Sullair SRF1/4000


Molylub VDL 32


Sullair SRF II/8000


Molylub VDL 46


Sullair HPL kompresorių alyvos


Sullair HPL 1500


Molyduval Patricia CDA


Dalube HPL 1500


Molyduval Patricia CDA Plus


Sullair LLL-4 kompresorių alyvos

Sullair Sullair LLL-4- 15

Molyduval Patricia CDA 15

Sullair Sullair LLL-4-32

Molyduval Patricia CDA 32

Sullair Sullair LLL-4-46

Molyduval Patricia CDA 46

Sullair Sullair LLL-4- 100

Molyduval Patricia CDA 100

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Silikoninė Sullair alyva : 24KT Fluid

  • Sullube®

  • 24KT™

  • PristineFG™ Food Grade

  • AWF™

  • SRF™

  • HPL 1500

Sullair takes pride in providing the best rotary screw compressor fluids in the industry. All of our fluids are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of today’s compressors in a multitude of environments.

Don’t be fooled by the numerous low cost look alike fluids available in the market today. While many companies claim they provide a “same as” fluid at a lower cost, it simply isn’t the case. Sullair’s fluids are highly engineered to provide optimum performance and energy conservation and the “same as” fluids just don’t match up.

Sullube® is a Polyglycol based lubricant that has been the mainstay of the Sullair fluid family for over 25 years. Sullube® has performed flawlessly in over 50,000 compressors for more than 150,000,000 hours.

Long life expectancy—Perfect for annual change interval.

Will not form sludge or varnish—Keeps compressor operating clean and efficiently.

Removes existing varnish—Perfect lubricant for removing varnish from compressors running on hydrocarbon fluids.

Cools more efficiently—Excellent at removing heat created by the compression process.

Environmentally considerate—Compressor condensate is biodegradable.

High flash point—One of the highest fluid flash points in the industry.

Very low carryover—With less than 1 PPM carryover, less top off fluid is needed.