Silikoniniai pneumo tepalai

Silikoniniai pneumatikos tepalai


Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Lašėjimo temperatūra, ºC


Panaudojimas, savybės



Phoenix SI



-70 iki +160/200








Specialus silikoninis pneumo instrumentų tepalas.

MSI1/2 pagal DIN 51502

Keičia :

Molykote 111 Compound


Silikoninio tepalo parinkimas centrinei pneumo sistemai

Lubrication of rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and seals

Silikono tepalas pneumatikos tepimui

Silicone Pneumatic Grease

A universal useful transparent sealing and lubrication grease based on silicone fluids with wide temperature range, and outstanding water and humidity resistance. Suitable for lubrication of pneumatoc systems and O-rings. Excellent for use in many other applications, especially where plastic compatibility is desired with the protection and wear prevention characteristics of a synthetic. Long life.

Suitable even as lubricant and for sealing of valves, seals, and many parts made from plastic or rubber. May be used for lubrication of plastics, rubber, and elastomers in metal contacts.


  • * soft and smooth
  • * long-time stable, effects long life-time and low cost
  • * good water resistance
  • * rel. good seal comtaibility, please ask for precise information in regard to your material


* for pneumatics