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Contactin AG





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Sint + AgF


Specialus sidabro junginių miltelių sudėtyje turintis sintetinis kontaktų tepalas.

Išskirtinis elektros laidumas, paviršių dengiamoji geba ir apsauga. Ypač suderinamas su  sidabro laidais kontaktais. Tiksliajai technikai, elektronikai, kompjuterikai.

Tepimo pastos, tepalo pariniimas visų tipų eletros kontaktams

This silver grease provides antistatic conductivity and maximum thermal conductivity between sliding surfaces, while providing protection from moisture and corrosion. Typical applications include lubrication of substation switches or circuit breakers, heat dissipation from transformers, or static grounding on seals or O-rings. 

Electric Switch Contact Grease

A special lubrication and protection grease for electric contacts. Because of contained metall powders the electric conduction will be increased and dynamic

motion goes easier. Prevents spark erosion and burning residues at electric contacts.

* oxidation resistant

* water refusing

* good water resistance

* Longer service life due to high thermal stability

* low noise

* compatible with many seals and plastics

* reduces contact wear

* reduces contact resistance

* free of acids

* for mechanic instruments

* for electrical contacts, from small relays to high capacity contactors.

* for electrical contacts, also for preservation