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Industrial instrument grease

Molylub offers a range of synthetic lubricants for industrial maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), including gears, bearings, chains, slides and many other components routinely exposed to extreme operating conditions, like high temperatures or exposure to corrosive environments. Molylub also has several food grade oils and greases that meet NSF-H1 approval.

Typically synthetic lubricants last 5 to 10 times longer than petroleum products. While up front costs may be higher, these lubricants can provide significant savings for the overall maintenance budget by promoting longer equipment life and helping to extend lubrication intervals, thus providing a more effective scheduled maintenance program. Reduced internal friction that synthetics deliver can also improve the mechanical efficiency of industrial equipment, leading to lower energy consumption for further operation cost savings.

Molylub’s synthetic greases, oils and fluids are delivered in a wide variety of packaging options. Depending on customer requirements, including specific dispensing systems, our lubricants can be packaged in larger containers such as drums, totes, kegs and pails, as well as smaller containers like cartridges, syringes, plastic jars and tubes.