Plastikinių konvejerių alyvos

Modulinių plastiko konvejerių alyvos                                


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Pliūpsnio temperatūra PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temperatūra ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės




Polypan A 150














Su plastiku suderinamos alyvos.

Plastikinių konvejerio modulinių juostų, diržų, dantratinių juostų skirta pilnai sintetinė PAO pagrindo suderinama su plastiku alyva. USDA H1 specifikacija, todėl tinka ir maisto pramonės konvejeriams.


Visi konvejerių tepalai

Juostinio transporterio masitiniai tepalai

Plastic chain conveyor systems lubrication

with aluminum beam permits horizontal as well as vertical distribution of products.

The conveying systems tight vertical bends save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators.

Conveyor range

Standard conveyor chain widths range from 43 mm up to 295 mm, for product widths up to 400 mm. The conveyed products varies from a few grams up to 30 kg, in many shapes.
Conveyor product lines: X45, X45H, XS, X65, X85, XH, XK, X180, X300.

Standard conveyor components

The collection of standard components guarantee the design of a customized conveyor solution with fast delivery time.


The base link parts of the chain links have the same basic shape, and the same technical properties. Five different materials are used. The standard material is acetal resin (POM). Different materials are used.

The conveyor can be configured with the suitable standard chain according to the production requirements, e.g. temperature, strength, etc.

Plastic link style belting is utilized with the standard DynaCon Modular Conveyor System.  Plastic link style belting is self-lubricating, requires no maintenance, and is easy to clean and repair.   Injection-molded plastic belting modules are interlocked by plastic rods, which provide belt strength and durability.  Damaged belting sections can be easily and inexpensively replaced.  Belting configurations can be easily modified.  Drive flights (cleats) can be inserted or removed at any time.

Positive sprocket drive and tracking with the plastic link style belting eliminates slippage and edge damage.  Conveyor belts are available in widths to fit all DynaCon modular conveyors.  Varying conveyor belt styles and materials are available.

Standard flat top conveyor beltBelt Flat Top Grey

  • For general light & medium weight applications
  • Polypropylene, acetal or nylon (for high temperatures)
  • FDA approved

Perforated flat top conveyor belt

  • Belt PerforatedFor water bath, wash down and cooling
  • Polypropylene, polyethylene, acetal or nylon (for high temperatures)
  • 6.4 % open area with 1/8″ holes
  • FDA approved

Flush grid conveyor belt

Belt Flush Grid

  • For water bath, wash down and cooling
  • Polypropylene or acetal
  • 38% open area
  • FDA & USDA approved

Mesh top Conveyor belt

  • Belt Mesh Top BlackFor water bath, wash down and cooling
  • Polypropylene with 24% open area
  • FDA approved