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Tepalas elektros kontaktams su plastikine jungtimi


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Panaudojimas, savybės



Contactin SC



-50 iki +140






Sint PAO

Poli-alfa-olefinų pagrindo

sintetinis kontaktų su plastiko jungtimi tepalas.

Besilikonis. Suderinamas ir ypač tinka plastikiniams elektros laidams, jų kontaktams, pvz. automobilių pramonės elektros instaliacijai. Elektro kondukcinės savybės ir elastingumas išlieka nepakitę net žemiausiose temperatūrose.


Kontaktinio tepalo parinkimas visų tipų elektros kontaktams, jungtims 

Suderinamas su plastiku kontaktų tepalas

contact lubricant has been developed to offer enhanced electrical and mechanical properties, whilst being suitable for use with modern (and often very sensitive) plastics and under the more arduous conditions that are required by the leaders in today’s automotive industry. The main advantage of this product is reduced contact resistance, excellent plastics compatibility and improved mechanical lubrication. The use of CG60 on switches and connectors guarantees a very low and stable contact resistance over the long lifetimes required by the automotive and domestic equipment industries. The unique properties of CG60 have been produced by using a blend of several low viscosity base oils, thickened with a complex inorganic soap. The blend of base oils gives excellent plastics compatibility together with the electrical properties that have made Electrolube’s original products world leaders in the switch industry. The use of an inorganic thickener, rather than clay or silica, has the benefit of producing a smoother grease with superior mechanical properties. These include decreasing wear and producing a high quality switch “feel”. In addition if the switch is exposed to extremely high temperatures over long periods, forcing the base oil to evaporate, the thickener will not remain as an insulative, abrasive layer on the contact surfaces. This is the case with greases made with other thickener technologies.

FEATURES * Produces low and constant mV drop (and contact resistance) * Extends switch lifetime * Optimal mechanical resistance * Reduces electrical background noise * Excellent plastics compatibility (even with ABS/PC) although testing is always advised. * Wide temperature range * Provides smooth, high quality switch “feel” * Contains a UV trace to allow easy inspection