Petrofer metalo alyvos

Petrofer Emulcut / Isopal emulsija

ISOGRIND šlifavimui

Petrofer ISOCUT alyva


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Petrofer pjovimo - formavimo alyva


PETROFER Drawlub 164


Molylub Cutoil 30 ALK

PETROFER Drawlub 976

Molylub Pressoil 70 Extra

PETROFER Drawlub S 27/1

Molylub Drawoil KTL WV 20


Molylub Cutoil 30 Spezial

PETROFER Drawlub TDV 12/5

Molylub Drawoil 19 CF

PETROFER Isocut 400/R2

Molylub Cut oil 10Extra


Molylub Cutoil 17 Extra

PETROFER Stanzöl W 905/II

Molylub Cutoil ALK 1

PETROFER Superfin 90

Molylub Honocut 4

PETROFER Superfin 900

Molylub Honocut 4 Spezial


Molylub Superfin HM

PETROFER Tiefbohröl 400

Molylub Cutibo 10


Petrofer skiedžiama emulsija


PETROFER Emulcut 244


Molylub H Plus

PETROFER Emulcut 2500

Molylub 30 Spezial

PETROFER Isogrind A 20

Molylub Grind THS

Petrofer S 55 Neu

Molylub Spezial 10M

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas


Highly stable, emulsifiable universal coolants with very good corrosion protection and high performance. Used for general machining through to difficult metal-cutting operations. Specially formulated coolants for aluminum components requiring high quality surfaces. Also sometimes suitable as HFA hydraulic fluids.


Mineral oil free, water-soluble coolants with good long-term stability for general machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Grinding fluids, mineral oil free


Water-soluble coolants with especially good wetting and rinsing properties for all types of grinding operations.

Universal cutting oils and high performance grinding oils


Cutting oils for simple to arduous metal cutting operations providing high efficiency, long tool life and excellent surfaces.


Grinding oils with outstanding performance, low oil mist formation, and excellent efficiency at high grinding speeds.


Multifunctional oils for metal cutting of steel, light and non-ferrous metals. Applicable as efficient cutting and grinding oils in various viscosities and also suitable for machine lubrication and for hydraulics.


High performance cutting oils for difficult metal cutting applications. Special combinations of additives produce a high performance and long tool life. Optimised for deep hole drilling using single lip, ejector and BTA processes and also suitable for honing operations.


High performance oils for vertical and horizontal broaching; internal, external and chain applications.


Universal cutting oils suitable for difficult operations with a broad range of applications because of their renewable ingredients.


Minimal quantity lubricants for various applications.

Honing- and Lapping oils


Honing and lapping oils with excellent filtration and rinsing characteristics for optimum surface quality with high cutting loads. Suitable with diamond, corundum, and other honing tools for working with steel, cast (malleable iron), non-ferrous and light metals as well as chrome-plated surfaces. As well as the viscosity, the product range is formulated with respect to reduction of honing dust, ageing-resistance and prevention of oil mist production. The oils are available with sulphur deactivators and cobalt inhibitors.

High performance concentrates, electrical discharge machining oils


Paste-like to low viscosity high performance concentrates for difficult cutting and forming applications.


Wire drawing fluids for copper, steel and aluminium.

·         DRAWLUB C – series >> Copper wire drawing

·         DRAWLUB ST – series >> Steel wire drawing

·         DRAWLUB TD – series >> Stainless steel wire drawing (contains chlorine)

High performance neat oils and drawing compounds for wire drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

·         ISOLUBE 4600 – series >> Aluminium wire drawing 

·         ISOLUBE MG – grease >> Wire drawing grease

Cold Forming Fluids for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and copper based alloys..

·         ISOFORM 900 – series >> Cold Forming Oils

·         ISOFORM 9000 – series >> Cold Forming suspension

Sheet rolling fluids for aluminium hot- and cold rolling operation.

·         ISOLUBE V 70 – series "V" for vaporizable. Solvent based blanking oils

·         ISOLUBE 3400 – series - Low viscose punching- and deep drawing libricants

Sheet rolling fluids for aluminium hot- and cold rolling operation.

·         ISO-MILL K9 – series >> Emulsions for aluminium hot and cold rolling

·         ISO-Mill CB-A – series >> Cold rolling oils

Medium and high viscose sheet metal forming fluids for a wide application range, e.g. punching. Deep drawing, fine-blanking etc. Partly suitable for micro-lubrication and trimming operation.

·         DRAWLUB S – series >> Punching- and deep drawing lubricants, free from chlorine

·         DRAWLUB TDV – series >> Deep drawing lubricants, free from chlorine

·         DRAWLUB TD – series >> Multipurpose metal forming oils, contains chlorine

·         DRAWLUB R – series >> Low evaporation, synthetic punching- and metal forming oils

·         DRAWLUB 3000 – series >> Emulsions, solutions, water based pastes and dispersions for various applications 

Spindle oils

The SPEEDLUBRIC series are low viscosity, oxidative stable specially refined mineral oils with excellent corrosion protection. They fulfill and surpass the requirements of DIN 51 517 part 2: CL.

General lubricating- / hydraulic oils

The ISOCUT VG series are multifunctional oils suitable for use as general lubricating and hydraulic oil as well as non-water miscible cutting fluids.

Hydraulic oils

The ISOLUBRIC series are high performance hydraulic oils that surpass the requirements of DIN 51 524 in many areas. They are available in various ISO grades as demulsifying zinc containing or zinc free products, as well as zinc containing or zinc free products containing detergents.

Slideway Oils

The WAYLUBRIC series are state of the art, heavy duty slideway oils designed for operating on vertical and horizontal sliding guides.

Gear oils

The GEARLUBRIC series fulfill DIN 51 517 part 3 and are manufactured using high quality base oils. They excel as very oxidative stable products with excellent corrosion protection and viscosity – temperature behaviour.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids und Special greases

ENVOLUBRIC - the Envolubric HE series are based on synthetic esters type: HEES.

Special greases

GREASE - the grease series are high performance products for industrial application, also availble as water-repellent products.

HAFTOL  for corrosion prevention, protection for tool fixtures and all other kind of equipment, water-repellent.