Valiklis kompresoriaus sistemai

Valiklis oro kompresoriaus tepimo sistemai



Panaudojimas, savybės



Patricia CL


Tirpikl / Deterg /

PAO ISO VG 100- 150


Koncentruotas tirpiklio ir alyvos pagrindo preparatas kompresorių tepimo sistemų valymui.

Tirpina sąnašas, valo prikepimus įterpiant 5 – 10 % reagento į darbinę alyvą.

Suderinamas tiek su mineralinėmis, tiek su sintetinėmis PAO kompresorinėmis alyvomis.


Rekomenduojamos koncentracijos ir darbiniai režimai :

5% : 3-4 dienos kambario temperatūroje

1-2 dienos prie 70°C

4 val prie 150°C


10% : 1-2 dienos kambario temperatūroje

24 val prie 70°C

2 val prie 150°C



Concentrated Cleaner and System Flush

A premium quality solvent-type fluid designed to dissolve varnish and solubilize

sludge as an additive at 5% to 10% concentration in oil for cleaning: Hydraulic

Systems, Gearboxes, Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Chains, Bearings,

Reservoirs, Airline Valves, Heat Transfer Systems, and Bowser Sumps in Paper

Mills during operation. (Not for use in Ammonia Compressors.) It can also be used

to help flush a system when changing-over from mineral to synthetic oils in order to

reduce contamination due to oil carry-over. Regular use of it will help

you get the most out of your synthetic oil and your equipment by removing varnish

and reducing operating temperature.

* compatible with mineral oil

* removes resins. paints, slush

* compatible with many conventional synthetic oils

* high flash point

* friendly smell

* economic in use

* for cleaning hydraulic systems

* for cleaning of gear boxes

* for cleaning of circulation systems

* for cleaning compressors



Cleaning Procedure:

We recommend the use of 5% to 10%, generally 5%, with 90% to 95% of the fluid in

the system. Can be used with petroleum and synthetic hydrocarbon (PAO) oils.

Temperature/time concentration relationships for industrial equipment: (Oil should

be circulating.)


5%: 3-4 Days at room temperature, 1-2 Days at 70°C, 4h at 150°C

10%: 1-2 Days at room temperature, 24h at 70°C, 2h at 150°C

Run equipment at normal operating conditions. Do not exceed 150°C. Change the

oil filter before and after cleaning. Inspect during cleaning if equipment is very dirty.

Some filters are equipped with pressure drop gauges. Normally, 10-psi drop

indicates filter should be changed. For safety reasons allow oil to cool (50°C max.)

before draining. After draining, it is recommended that the oil system be flushed with

clean oil. To flush, fill to minimum or normal oil level. Start equipment to circulate or

splash oil around system. In gearboxes or

other applications where heavy oil is normally used, stop equipment almost

immediately after starting to prevent wear. For screw-type compressors, flushing oil

can be circulated for about 1 hour.

Safe for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals used in industrial equipment. It is safe

on most seals used in industrial equipment at 10% maximum concentrations.