Sandarinimo žiedai

Guminių O-ring žiedų tepalai          


Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Lašėjimo temperatūra, ºC


Panaudojimas, savybės






Polypan O-Ring Fett






-50 iki +160 / +200













Sint PAO/ Al Cmplx

O-ring tipo žiedų tepalai.

Sintetinis, labai lipnus, vandenį atstumiantis, atsparus agresyviems skysčiams, puikių aukštatemperatūrinių savybių guminių ir plastikinių žiedų bei sandariklių tepalas. Ypač guminiams O–ring tipo žiedams. Išlaiko juos elastingais, saugo nuo trūkinėjimų, šerpetojimo, sandarinimo praradimo. Net prie ekstremaliausių žemų ir aukštų temperatūrų suteptas šiuo tepalų žiedas išlieka nepakitusios geometrijos, struktūros.

Minkšta, patogi sutepimui  NLGI 1 konsistencija.

Gelsvas. KPHC1R-50; ISO-L-XEDEB1.


Guminių žiedų tepalai


O Ring Coating lubricants

Rubber & Plastic O Ring Applications

IKV has developed low friction coatings for the following applications:

  • Assembly aid for O-ring seals
  • Bearing seals
  • Lip seals for gear boxes
  • Rubber sheet stock handling

The range of water based products either cure at ambient temperature or may be thermo hardened.

They may be applied by spraying, sponging/wiping, or dipping.

They are adapted to each type of material depending on its elasticity, the aspect constraints, the abrasion, and friction.

The advantage that these products offer over a wax based products is that they are permanently fixed and cannot be displaced assuring a perfect seal.

The IKV Filmsec range of products offers an effective alternative to silicone emulsions that are no longer permitted in the automotive industry.

Most products are manufactured from fully synthetic base products including polyglycols, perfluorinated fluids, PTFE and other dry film lubricants. Some are solvent based and others are water based offering a product to match the requirements of the application.

They are available as fluids, greases, gels and dry film lubricants with variable concentrations and performances according to the needs of the application, the material, surface type and finish.

Many of our products meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers and suppliers, to ease the assembly of hoses, seals, grommets,  suspension bushings, exhaust mounts,  tyre valves and other troublesome parts.