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„Mycom“ stūmokliniai kompresoriai savo patikrintos aukštos kokybės, patvaria ir lengvai naudojama kompresoriaus įranga atitinka skirtingus pramoninius poreikius. „Mycom Europe“ stūmoklinio kompresoriaus įrengimai yra pagaminti su K, L, WA, WB stūmokliniais kompresoriais, atitinkančiais daugumą pramoninio šaldymo poreikių. Jie gali veikti su vandeniu arba oru aušinamomis galvutėmis ir vandens arba DX alyvos aušintuvu. Yra 4, 6 ir 8 cilindrų modeliai.

Mycom D Oil PAO

is a custom-blended polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon, giving improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduced volatility, good chemical inertness and hydrolytic stability. This product is compatible with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils. Mycom D Oil PAO (typical properties shown below) was developed with unique additive and basestock technology for improved seal performance and extended elastomer life. This is a long life lubricant, formulated especially for flooded screw compressors. Mycom D Oil PAO is recommended for refrigeration services due to excellent low temperature properties. Because Mycom D Oil PAO is synthetic, it is wax-free. A low pour point prevents the lubricant from congealing in refrigeration lines. A high film strength provides improved lubricity even when diluted with refrigerants. This product is available in other viscosities and in a variety of packages.


The following lubricants are recommend for use with MYCOM W series reciprocating compressors on refrigeration duty.
The customer should be advised that various mineral oils are refined from different base stocks and may contain
additives which are not compatible with a similar oil from another supplier, and that synthetic lubricants from different
suppliers may have different chemical constituents. Therefore, it is recommended that lubricants from different suppliers,
or of different types not be mixed, and that if the type or supplier of a lubricant is changed, the complete system charge
of lubricant should be replaced.
It should also be noted that the following listing of lubricants is not complete, and that inclusion or exclusion of a
specific product does not imply acceptance or rejection of that product. For specific lubricants not listed, contact MYCOM.
In the last two years Mycom Canada has conducted number of researches on available oil for Mycom W series
compressors. Canada has very special oil market where Hydro treated paraffinic oil is as popular as mineral/synthetic
oils. MYCOM W series compressor standard O-ring material is Buna-N on all NH3 compressors. Users must be aware of
compatibility of O-ring materials and followings are our recommended oil for long life operation of the compressors.
Most Recommended
Refrigerant Min. Evap.
Lubricant Type Supplier-grade Recommended O-ring material
base mineral
Texaco – Cappella D WF68
Suniso – 4GS
NH3 All *
Synthetic MYCOM-AB68
HSN or Buna-N
base mineral
Texaco – Cappella D WF68
Suniso – 4GS
Freon All *
Synthetic MYCOM-AB68
HSN, Buna-N, Viton
For high discharge gas
temperature application use
>-25 F Polyglycol Mobil – Glygoyle22
CPI – 1516-150
<-25 F Polyglycol Mobil – Glygoyle11
CPI – 1516-100
Viton only.
Be careful for use
Refrigerant Min. Evap.
Lubricant Type Supplier-grade Recommended O-ring material
NH3 All * Hydro-treated
Petro Canada – Reflo68A
CPI – 1009-68
HSN or Neoprene only
Problem on use of hydro-treated paraffinic oil for NH3 application
Buna-N must not be used on mechanical seal. Buna-N material will become hardened and shrink in volume,
which then causes premature seal leakage.
Newly developed O-rings for mechanical seals
Mycom Canada has developed the O-rings with Highly Saturated Nitril (HSN) material. These O-rings seems to
work on both mineral/synthetic and hydro-treated paraffinic oils for NH3 application.
Mycom Canada now sells these O-rings as its standard replacement parts. Color is red and they are available at
both Vancouver and Toronto warehouse

Lubrication Oil Replacement

a.In addition to daily inspection of the quantity, contamination level, color, etc. of the oil, an oil

sample should be extracted every six months for analysis by the oil manufacturer.

b.If the lubrication oil becomes extremely dirty, do not hesitate to replace it. If the oil is light

coffee brown in hue (ASTM-6 or more), replace the oil immediately.

c.Check the oil trap in the bottom of the crankcase periodically for metallic residue. If any metal

particles are found, determine the source. Residue found in the trap may include dirt from the

suction piping or particles from the frictional parts of the compressor.

d.If foreign matter finds its way into the compressor, the friction parts of the system may be

subject to premature wear or damage. It is, therefore, vital that all precautions be taken to

prevent contamination and to maintain clean oil.

e.If the oil filter mounted inside the crankcase becomes dirty, carry out cleaning immediately.

f.Check the external oil filter often to identify dirt at an early stage. If dirty is found in the

external oil filter, replacement should be carried out as soon as possible because this filter is

made of fine mesh and is prone to clogging.

g.When taking an oil sample to be forwarded to the oil manufacturer for analysis, judgment

should be made referring to the following standards

1.Oil analysis items

In general, analysis of the oil should be carried out to evaluate the characteristics

indicated below. Normally, a 200ml (200cc) sample in a clear plastic or glass bottle is

sufficient for analysis.

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Visi „Mycom“ sraigtiniai kompresoriai turi alyvos įpurškimą, įmontuotą įstumiamųjų detalių varomame dviejų rotorių prietaise. Dėl patentuotos rotorio formos pasiektas didelis našumas ir įgytas Įgūdžių sertifikatas (COP - „Certificate of Proficiency“). 

MYCOM stūmokliniai kompresoriai M ir HK serijos, po 2vnt. NH3 pusėje ir CO2 pusėje, komponuojami su specialiais energiją taupančiais elektros varikliais kartu su pastovaus magneto rotoriumi (IPM). El. varikliai valdomi moderniais dažnio keitikliais. Kita įranga: oro aušintuvai ir garintuvai GUNTNER, kondensatorius BALTIMORE, SIEMENS automatika. Šalčio našumas: CO2 (-45°C)285 kW ir (-35°C) 55 kW, propilenglikolis 30% (-7/-3°C) 240 kW ir (+6/+12°C) 600 kW. Išskiriamos antrinės šilumos kiekis (+35/+65°C) 197 kW. COP=Qo šaldymo/Pe=1180 kW/482,03 kW=2,45.