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2-TAKTĖS alyvos

Pakuotė : 1 LTR bakelis

x 12 vnt dėžutėje

Lubricating oil for general use 2-stroke engines. Suitable for all models of motorcycle and
especially recommended for stop-start use on urban journeys. Due to its lubricating
capacity it protects the engine against wear by keeping the exhaust ports clean.
General use 2-stroke motorcycles. Can be used on equipment with pump action
automatic lubricating systems or premixed manually.
The suggested ratio is between 2% and 4%. Adjust this ratio according to the
manufacturer's recommendations and driving conditions.


4-TAKTĖS alyvos






400 ml ( x12 flakonų dėžutėje)


  • Repsol MOTO Brake&Parts Contact Cleaner


400 ml ( x12 flakonų dėžutėje)



400 ml ( x12 flakonų dėžutėje