Molibdeno DEF2304 dispersija alyvoje

Molibdeno dispersija


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Pliūpsnio temp. PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temp. ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės




Additive DU 5

Additive DU 20





68-100    (bazinės alyvos)
















MoS2 dispersijos alyvoje.

Koloidinio molibdeno sulfido suspensija mineralinėje alyvoje kaip priedas (3-4%) reduktorinėms alyvoms. Pagerina tepimo efektą esant aukštoms temperatūroms ir slėgiams.


Sausųjų tepiklių dispersijos alyvose.

MoS2 Concentrate

A liquid, molybdenum disulphide containing, lubricant additive for gears and transmissions.

Gear wheels and camps will be protected by forming a thin, temperature-steady protective film against wear, besides the friction and wear will be decreased. The film ensures besides very good emergency properties in case of to low oil level or sudden oil loss.

* compatible with mineral oil

* reduces wear and friction

* friction reducing caused by forming solid MoS2 film

* offers emergency running property

* reduces noise

* high solid content

* for assembly of press fits

* as additive to gear oils

* as additive to differential gears

* as additive to greases

* as additive to hydraulic oils

* for manufacturing of rust loosers with MoS2

* for increasing pressure receptivity in transmissions

* for removing heat in transmissions

* for improving bearing lubrication

* for increasing lifte times