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Pjovimo - formavimo alyvos


MKU Dionol Gewindeschneidöl V 1376


Molylub Thread A 755


MKU Dionol Spezial V 1209-AN


Molylub Cutoil ZN 22


MKU Dionol STV 1260


Molylub Extrusion ZF Extra

MKU Dionol STV 1724

Molylub Extrusion 120 Plus

MKU Dionol V 1519-3

Molylub SynGrind HC 5


MKU Dionol Super V 1695


Molylub Cutoil ZF 22


MKU Dionol Super V 1862


Molylub Cutoil CF 20


MKU 1927


Molylub Drawoil SST 68


MKU Rotex Spezial 277


Molylub Grindoil 19

MKU Rotex Special V 1734-2

Molylub SynGrind HC 7


MKU Rotex Spezial V 1735


Molylub Grindoil HMA 9


MKU Rotex Spezial V 1735 AN


Molylub Cutoil ZF 11


MKU Rotex Spezial V 1995



Molylub Grindoil HMA 9


Skiedžiamos emulsijos

MKU Rotex KS V 1765

Molylub Grindfluid Uni

MKU Rotex KS V 1804

Molylub Grind KSV

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas

Cooling lubricants, water-miscible

Betronol BN

Metalworking oil concentrates, mineral oil based

Rubbing, drilling, turning, milling, sawing, grinding

Betronol EP

EP-cooling lubricants, semi-synthetic, for all materials like e.g. metal, flat glass, optical glasses and ceramics

Rubbing, drilling, turning, milling, sawing, grinding

Betronol MF

Universal coolant, fully synthetic, vibratory grinding compounds of transparent solubility for deburring according to Trowal, synthetic carrier fluids for wire-sawing of semiconductors

Drilling, turning, milling, thread cutting, sawing, grinding, vibratory grinding, deburring according to Trowal, wire-sawing

Rotex K​S

Grinding coolant, fully synthetic of transparent solubility for all materials

Flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, tool working, tool sharpening

Rotex GS

Glass grinding concentrates for glass processing, for operations on optical glasses, ceramics and semiconductors

Glass cutting, glass grinding, glass drilling, glass milling

Cooling lubricants,

Non-water-miscible grinding oils

Rotex Spezial

  • Grinding oils for all grinding operations like gear cutting, tool sharpening, tool manufacturing, etc.

Grinding, deep hole-drilling, gear hobbing, shaping, key seating

Rotex KS V 1804

Rotex KS V 1804 is a water-soluble cooling lubricant, free of mineral oil and nitrite. Rotex KS V 1804 does not contain any phenolic compounds or formaldehyde releasing components. It meets the requirements of TRGS 611.

Rotex KS V 1804 is used as grinding concentrate and processing fluid for grinding of cemented metal carbide, steel and hard metal/steel bonds as well as for all usual grinding operations on cast iron, steel, non-iron and light metals.

It prevents the release of cobalt from alloys, and thus entering of cobalt into the solution in use.

Rotex KS V 1804 is also suitable for grinding operations on all kinds of ceramic materials as well as mirror glass. Silver coating is not affected or oxidised.

Solutions are transparent and water-white at any concentration and allow continuous and accurate monitoring of the process.

Rotex KS V 1804 is also suitable to be used as an anti-corrosion additive in pressure and cooling circuits.