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Matrix Coolmax CFC

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Matrix tepalas


Matrix Grease CAS 2 Green


Molylub Multitherm 2


Matrix Grease EP 2


Molylub Mehrzweckfett 2


Matrix Grease Bio MG 000/G


Molylub Alessa EC 5


Matrix Grease Alco


Molylub Aluplex


Matrix Grease Calcium 2


Molylub Abschmierfett 2


Matrix Grease Fluor HT


Molylub Multifluor HT


Matrix Grease Lithium Complex EHG 1


Molylub Litagrease EP 1


Matrix Grease Lithium Complex EP


Molylub Litagrease 2


Matrix Grease Lithium Complex S


Molylub Litagrease G-


Matrix Grease MoS2


Leprinxol Lycos Mo2


Matrix Paste Meissel


Molylub Meisselpaste

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pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas 

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  • Transmax ECO
  • Transmax ECO-S
  • Transmax ECOi
  • Transmax I Inhibited Oils
  • Transmax Uninhibited Oils
  • Turbine Oil A
  • Turbine Oil DI
  • Turbine Oil M
  • Weld-max A
  • Weld-max W

Foodmax is a very extensive range of NSF and InS approved food grade lubricants and greases. Furthermore, Matrix is a ISO 21469:2006 certified company. By making use of the latest available materials and technologies we live up to our vision; "The right product for the right application”. The product line includes hydraulic oils, gear oils, heat transfer fluids, compressor and vacuum pump oils, a range of spray cans and over 10 different type of greases including the latest Calcium Sulfonate technology. Please download the Foodmax brochure and or technical data sheets found on this website for more information.

In the food production industry all circumstances can be found (moisture, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc.) which will make it vital to choose a good chain lubricant. The line of Foodmax chain lubricants offer a wide range suitable for all types  of chain lubrication.

Looking for a “dry” lubricant for bottle conveyors to replace water soap mixtures?  Foodmax AW 22 can give you the clean solution you are looking for.

Making a food safe grease is one thing but making a food safe grease which actually outperforms any industrial grease is something we managed to do with our latest Calcium Sulfonate technology Foodmax® greases. Besides this we offer of cause also Foodmax Aluminium Complex based and Silicon based greases for any type of food equipment.

Even when a 3H approved food grade greases is needed in case of direct contact Foodmax inor 3H can provide the solution