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TRIM Synthetics Cutting AND Grinding Fluids


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Master Chemical Trim RPO 12


Molylub Anticor LF 60


Master Chemical Trim RPO 6


Molylub Dewat HC 3


Master Chemical Trim NOCOR S2


Molylub Anticor W-Solv


Master Chemical Trim Clean 2115AL


Divinol Spritzreiniger 1572


Master Chemical Trim Clean 2029


Molylub Spritzreiniger 1805


Master Chemical Trim Rinse 100


Molyduval Cleaner W


Master Chemical Trim Task 2


Molyduval Bio-Reiniger UMF

Master Chemical Trim Sol

Molylub Cutfluid Basic

Master Chemical Trim E 708

Molylub Cutfluid Extra 10h

Master Chemical VX

Molylub Cutfluid CR

Master Chemical SC 511

Molylub Cutfluid P-add Basic

Master Chemical C 115

Molylub Grindfluid CHC

Master Chemical C 120 CG

Molylub Grindfluid HMA

Master Chemical Trim Clean DF 1

Molyduval Additive AS

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is a low oil, high-performance semichemical or semisynthetic product. While EP contains limited amounts of petroleum oil, it is a fully loaded semi using synthetic fats for wetting and lubricity, chlorine, and sulfur EP additives for BUE control. While EP is most often used in heavy-duty production band sawing and drilling operations, it has found extensive use in the production grinding of hardened steel and stainless steel parts.

Has the mechanical lubricity necessary to provide protection to blade handling systems on high performance band sawing machines as well as the cooling and antiweld additives to optimize blade life

A proven mixture of EP additives and wetting agents to optimize high-pressure operations including drilling and cylindrical form grinding on a variety of metals

Delivers superior tool life in spade and injector drilling operations

Has sufficient mechanical lubricity and wetting to protect the guides and rests in high volume centerless grinding

Offers particularly good performance when used in support of BZN grinding wheels in production grinding operations

Will keep machines very clean while leaving a fluid oily residue for ease of cleaning and reduced machine maintenance costs