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Molylub Anticor LF 60


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Molyduval Additive AS

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is a low oil, high-performance semichemical or semisynthetic product. While EP contains limited amounts of petroleum oil, it is a fully loaded semi using synthetic fats for wetting and lubricity, chlorine, and sulfur EP additives for BUE control. While EP is most often used in heavy-duty production band sawing and drilling operations, it has found extensive use in the production grinding of hardened steel and stainless steel parts.

Has the mechanical lubricity necessary to provide protection to blade handling systems on high performance band sawing machines as well as the cooling and antiweld additives to optimize blade life

A proven mixture of EP additives and wetting agents to optimize high-pressure operations including drilling and cylindrical form grinding on a variety of metals

Delivers superior tool life in spade and injector drilling operations

Has sufficient mechanical lubricity and wetting to protect the guides and rests in high volume centerless grinding

Offers particularly good performance when used in support of BZN grinding wheels in production grinding operations

Will keep machines very clean while leaving a fluid oily residue for ease of cleaning and reduced machine maintenance costs


is formulated specifically for the carbide grinding industry. This synthetic product is intended for grinding carbide, but is equally good on ceramics, cermets, chill cast alloys and tool steels. TRIM C120 CG minimises cobalt leaching while still maintaining superior cutting and non-cutting characteristics.

  • Keeps super-abrasive wheels clean
  • Does not attack wheel bonding systems
  • Designed to carry grinding swarf to the filter but will release swarf in properly designed settling tanks
  • Will not be stripped out by conventional filtration systems
  • Is low foaming
  • Rejects tramp oil
  • Has superior sump life
  • Resists cobalt leaching for improved operator safety, stronger parts and cleaner machines
  • Very low carryoff for extremely low fluid operating costs
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment


is a high quality soluble oil designed primarily for the machining and grinding of yellow metals.

  • Very stable formula provides long operational life with consistent performance
  • E701 is compatible with all ferrous and nonferrous materials but is specifically designed for "free machining" yellow metals
  • Will not form the sticky, water insoluble residues commonly seen when machining yellow metals
  • Will not stain or darken brass or other yellow metal alloys
  • Fine particle size emulsion reduces carryoff and facilitates getting the fluid to the point of cut
  • E701 provides sufficient mechanical lubricity to run well in older swiss style machines as well as in modern high speed CNC machines
  • E701 rejects tramp oil to extend sump life
  • Protects machine and tool surfaces while also preventing sticky ways, chucks, tool holders and fixtures
  • Coolant is easily removed with water, working solution or aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment