Kombinuoto ciklo turbinų alyva

Kombinuoto ciklo (CC) turbinų alyvos


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Pliūpsnio temp. PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temperatūra ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės




Turbogas CC 32

Turbogas CC 46

























Ekstremalių slėgių pernešimo gebos

kombinuoto ciklo (CC) dujų ir garo turbinų alyva

su specialiais priedais, neutralizuojančiais amoniako / sintezės dujų aplinkos poveikį tepalui.. Rekomenduotina amoniako kompresoriams

L-TG pagal DIN 51515-2, TGE pagal ISO 6743/5, Siemens TLV 901304, GEK 101941a ir GEK 107395a, HM pagal ISO 6743/4, CKB pagal ISO 6743/6, VDL pagal DIN 51506

Specialios turbininės alyvos parinkimas kombinuotam turbinos ciklui

Oil formulated with hydrogenated stocks, specially designed for lubricating latest generation gas turbines and combined cycles. Its chief feature is its exceptional resistance to oxidation, which multiplies its useful service life. Contains extreme pressure additives, which allows the lubrication of gearboxes in the turbine axle.

 Recommended uses
It is a suitable lubricant for gas and steam turbines and turbo-compressors which run at high temperatures and require a high performance from the lubricant. It has been optimised for the lubrication of ammonia compressors.
 Properties
● Exceptional resistance to ageing and sludge formation.
● Great antirust power.
● High water separation capacity.
● Excellent antifoam qualities.
● Good air separation.
● Optimal Extreme Pressure properties.
 Quality level
● L-TGP according to DIN-51515 Part 2. ● TGE according to ISO 6743/5.
● HM according to ISO 6743/4. ● CKB according to ISO 6743/6.
● ALSTOM HTGD 90 117 V0001T ● VDL according to ISO 51506
● The ISO CG 32 grade meets the ● SIEMENS TLV 901304.
requirements of GEK 101941a and GEK 107395a.

Turbininė kombinuoto ciklo alyva Molylub Turbo CC

have been developed to meet the severe demands

imposed by modern, heavy duty turbine applications, exceeding OEM

specifications for both gas and steam turbines. A patented, metal free additive

technology, ensures that these products offers substantially improved

performance over conventional turbine oils. The unique combination of

excellent oxidation and thermal stability, coupled with the resistance to

formation of deposits and varnish, sludge control and surface properties make

Molylub Turbo CC an excellent choice lubricant for emerging combined cycle

turbine technology, as well as existing gas and steam turbine plants.