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JOKISCH Spezial Schneidöl S 101

Molylub Cutoil MC 50

Jokisch Supra NEOC 1311

Molylub Thread A 755

Supra NEOC 1311-44

Molylub MicroCut ALK20

Jokisch Spatter Free Spraydose

Molyduval Orgon P Spray

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Molylub Cutfluid 350




Molylub Grindfluid CHC


JOKISCH Spezial Sägeöl WM


Molylub Cutfluid Plus 10h




Molylub Cutfluid Extra 10h 

Jokisch Antikoroziniai skysčiai


JOKISCH DW Dewatering


Molylub Dewat 2mk

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Jokisch NBK-S

is an easy emulsifying, transparent, synthetic, water soluble concentrate. It has been designed exclusively for creep-feed and Blanchard type grinders. Jokisch NBK-S addresses the concerns of grinding, keeping the stones (grinding wheels) clean and free of debris, while containing strong corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust. Jokisch NBK-S has an extremely stable and long life, which reduces dumping and provides a safe working environment. NBK-S keeps machinery clean and does not affect machine paint.

Jokisch W1-CF

is a custom formulation of a mineral oil-based, water soluble coolant that is a combination of 35% mineral oil and high performance additives. This combination results in a semi-translucent solution that is very stable. WI-CF is a general-purpose coolant for a wide variety of applications including turning, milling, drilling, sawing, punching as well as grinding. Jokisch W1-CF leaves no sticky, gummy residues.

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