IS butelių gamybos grandinių alyva

Stiklo pramonės grandinių alyvos                                             


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Pliūpsnio taškas, ºC

Panaudojimas, savybės



Sekorex IS









-30 iki +260





Aukštatemperatūrinės cirkuliacinės IS alyvos.

Pilnai sintetinė esterių aukštatemperatūrinė grandinių alyva stiklo pramonės IS tuščiavidurės taros gamybos mašinų centrinėms cirkuliacinėms sistemoms. Išskirtinis antioksidacinis temperatūrinis atsparumas.



Fully synthetic high temperature chain oil with added MoS2

Molylub GlassChain MS 100 evaporates extremely slow even at temperatures ranging from 200 °C up to 260 °C. Excellent resistance to oxidation provides an exceptional stability at very high temperatures and enables the formation of heavy coking residue to be avoided at temperatures up to 280 °C (short periods up to 300 °C). Provided with anti wear and EP properties, reinforced by a combination of molybdenum disulphide based solids.


Molylub GlassChain MS 100 is an oil which is specially developed for the lubrication of chains and bearings of systems operating at continuous temperatures between

170 °C and 280 °C (short periods up to 300 °C) and is particularly recommended for:

·         Chains of dryers for plasterboard, glasswool, etc.

·         Chains and rollers of overhead conveyors

·         Textile tenter frames

·         Drying machines

·         Bakery ovens and on paint stoving chains

Glass manufacturing lubricants

is a high demanding process, combining very high temperatures and top quality requirements. Total Lubrifiants can justly claim to be the best partner for lubrication thanks to its thorough understanding of process requirements across different glass industries (from conditioning to fibreglass). We provide our customers across the globe with comprehensive lubrication solutions for maintenance of equipement and glass processing (hot-end lubricants and coatings).


Molyduval Sekorex IS oil recommended as a machine oil and constasnt cusion for I.S. glass machines.  It is also designed for use in linkage and gearboxes, central lubrication systems, mechanical gob distributors, blowhead and funnel cams.