Oelheld Grind skystis

Oelheld IonoGrind šlifavimo skystis

EcoSpark EDM dielectric

AquaTec emulsija

Originalus produktas

Siūloma  alternatyva

EvoFluid alyvos

Oelheld EvoFluid CGLP 68

Molylub Rotinol D 68

Oelheld EvoFluid CGLP 220

Molylub Rotinol D 220

Oelheld EvoFluid CGLP-PAO

Molylub Rotinol SYN 68

Oelheld EvoFluid CLX 68

Molylub Sorbitol CLP 68

Oelheld EvoFluid CLX 220

Molylub Sorbitol CLP 220 EP

Oelheld EvoFLuid HLP

Molylub Novarol H

Oelheld EvoFLuid HLPD

Molylub Novarol BGO

Oelheld EvoFluid HVLP

Molylub Novarol HVI

Oelheld EvoFluid HVLP-PAO

Molylub Novarol H Syn

Oelheld EvoFluid PE-B

Molylub Novarol HE Bio

Oelheld HiPure HLPD 68

Molylub Spindle Fluid HD 68

Metalo apdirbimo skysčiai

AirForge 5200

Lubra Hotpress WG

AirForge 5400

Lubra Hotpress WG EP

AirForge 7210

Lubra Hotpress G

AirForge 4028

Lubra Hotpress 99

AirForge 4500

Lubra Hotpress HSF

Oelheld AquaTec 1250

Molylub CutFluid Uni

Oelheld AquaTec 1530

Molylub CutFluid Cast

Oelheld AquaTec 1548

Molylub CutFluid CarbS

Oelheld AquaTec 1550

Molylub CutFluid CastA

Oelheld AquaTec 1570

Molylub CutFluid M 68

Oelheld AquaTec 5530

Molylub CutFluid M 32

Oelheld AquaTec 7520

Molylub CutFluid CeNonF

Oelheld AquaTec 7539

Molylub CutFluid Syn Grind

Oelheld AquaTec 7544

Molylub CutFluid EP

Oelheld AquaTec 7650

Molylub CutFluid CnF

Oelheld AquaTec 3001

Molylub CutFluid BA

Oelheld AquaTec 3101

Molylub SynGrind CNF

Oelheld AquaTec 5000

Molylub SynGrind CCA

Oelheld AquaTec 5001

Molylub SynGrind CAl

Oelheld AquaTec 7000

Molylub SynGrind CCN

Oelheld AquaTec 7300

Molylub SynFluid SMT

Oelheld ControXid 1642

Molylub AntiCor Fluid 5

EcoSpark 105

Lubra Corsmot CH                              

Oelheld DiaGrind 535/5

Molylub GrindOil HRM 5

Oelheld DiaGrind 535/10

Molylub GrindOil HRM 10

Oelheld DiaGrind 535/15

Molylub GrindOil HRM 15

Oelheld DiaGrind 535/25

Molylub GrindOil HRM 25

Oelheld DiaGrind KSB 1100-B

Molylub GrindOil ID/OD 10

Oelheld DiaCut FMS 125

Molylub FormOil E-Thin 1.2

Oelheld DiaCut FD

Molylub FormOil E-Thin 1.3

Oelheld DiaCut FBB 15

Molylub PunchOil HD 1.5

Oelheld DiaCut CP 5

Molylub PunchOil LR 1.7

Oelheld DiaCut CP 1

Molylub PunchOil V-Thin 1.8

Oelheld DiaCut CP 6

Molylub FormOil CNi 1.8

Oelheld DiaCut FAA 21

Molylub FormOil AC

Oelheld DiaCut OEGR

Molylub DeepDraw SS 3.4

Oelheld DiaCut NCL

Molylub StampOil 3.4

Oelheld DiaCut FMB 600

Molylub PunchOil PSE

Oelheld DiaCut VCE

Molylub PunchOil SSA 17

Oelheld DiaCut VSD 46

Molylub PunchOil SSA 46

Oelheld DiaCut VSS 76

Molylub PunchOil SSA 76

Oelheld DiaCut VSG 511

Molylub PunchOil SSA 140

Oelheld DiaCut MST 200

Molylub PunchOil SSA 180

EvoFluid BHO

Lubra SaveQuench 569

DiaMond Superfinishoil

Molylub GrindFluid HSC

DiaPress MFP

Molylub FormOil 32 C

DiaPress LCI 3200

Molylub FormOil Swag

DiaPress HAS 4300

Molylub FormOil NFA 43

DiaPress ZHO

Molylub FormOil SSA 160

DiaPress TZE

Molylub FormOil SSA 170 EP

Oelheld Dielectric IME 63

Lubra Corsmot 68 Plus

Oelheld Dielectric IME 82

Lubra Corsmot 100 Plus

Oelheld Dielectric IME 110

Lubra Corsmot 120 Plus

Oelheld Dielectric IME 126

Lubra Corsmot 150 Plus

EcoSpark 105

Lubra Corsmot CH                              


Lubra Corsmot EDM

Oelheld IME 56

Molylub EDM Fluid Drill

Oelheld IonoPlus IME-ET

Molylub EDM Fluid Fine 1.4

Oelheld IonoPlus IME-ZK

Molylub EDM Fluid RF 2.0

Oelheld IonoPlus IME-MH

Molylub EDM Fluid RF 2.5

Oelheld IonoPlus IME-GL

Molylub EDM Fluid R 3.8

Oelheld IonoFil 80

Molylub EDM Fluid Wire 2.1

Oelheld IonoFil 2788

Molylub EDM Fluid Wire 3.6

Oelheld IonoGrind 105

Molylub EDM Fluid Grind UNI

Oelheld IonoGrind X160

Molylub EDM Fluid Grind 6.0

Oelheld IonoVit S

Molylub EDM Fluid WS Drill

Oelheld IonoVit 0

Molylub EDM Fluid Fast HD

FlexiOil 0

Molylub LapOil Fin

FlexiOil GAL

Molylub LapOil Medium

Oelheld ToolGrind TC-X 620

Molylub GrindOil CS 5

Oelheld SintoGrind TC-X 630

Molylub GrindOil CS 6

Oelheld SintoGrind TTS

Molylub GrindOil TS

Oelheld SintoGrind TTK

Molylub GrindOil TK

Oelheld SintoGrind IG 540

Molylub GrindOil CS  5.4

SulFol LCO 500

Molylub CutOil HC

SulFol LCD 3200

Molylub CutOil RL

Oelheld ToolGrind TC-X 1000

Molylub GrindOil CS 10

Oelheld SintoGrind TC-X 1000

Molylub GrindOil CS 9.8

Oelheld SintoGrind MP 830

Molylub GrindOil CS 8.3

Oelheld ToolGrind HSS-X 1400

Molylub GrindOil HSS 14


Molylub GrindOil PCD


LubTool 2000

Molyduval Biolube Spray

LubTool 4000

Molyduval Cleaner Spray                        

LubTool 6000

Molyduval No-Rost Spray

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas

SintoGrind IG 540 is the new flagship product to oelheld U.S. Inc.’s SintoGrind series; SintoGrind TC-X 630 is the new entry-level product to the SintoGrind series; and TOOLGRIND TC-X-620 is a high-performance grinding oil. SintoGrind IG 540 and SintoGrind TC-X 630 work on a variety of materials, including tungsten carbide, HSS, PCD, CBN, cermet and ceramics. It was specially formulated for demanding grinding tasks and delivers exceptional feed and speed rates with superior surface finish. Both products contain no hazardous elements and exhibit stable viscosity over a wide temperature spectrum. Their lubricity lends to extended wheel life and minimal heat buildup, which in turn eliminates surface cracks and burns. TOOLGRIND TC-X 620 is formulated with highly refined base oils that have very good viscosity and temperature characteristics combined with low misting and aromatic content. Its active agents guarantee favorable cooling, wetting and lubrication. TOOLGRIND TC-X 620 promotes clean grinding wheels, low grinding temperature and less wheel wear.

SintoGrind šlifavimo alyva

The grinding oil TC-X 630 has been added to Oelheld’s SintoGrind series as an entry-level product. SintoGrind TC-X 630 is made from the latest generation of gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oils. GTL technology converts natural gas into high-quality liquid products that would otherwise be made from crude oil. GTL base oils are colorless and odorless. They contain almost none of the impurities found in crude oil such as sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics.

SintoGrind TC-X 630 is designed for flute grinding, profile grinding, and outer- and inner-diameter grinding. The oil works on a variety of materials including tungsten carbide, high speed steel (HSS), polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), cermet and ceramics. SintoGrind TC-X 630 contains no hazardous elements and exhibits stable viscosity over a wide temperature spectrum, the company says.

In the field of tool grinding the coolgrind grinding wheel has been successfully used for a fairly long time. The list of success is long:

  • shorter working times
  • better surfaces
  • higher process safety when loading
  • less wheel dressing
  • significantly lower temperatures of the work piece and of the grinding wheel
  • superior stability of the edges
  • better machine cleanness

Even in the field of flat glass grinding the coolgrind system has already been successfully used and was able to significantly increase productivity: instead of the usual 60 km of flat glass per grinding wheel, 120 km of flat glass could be produced using one coolgrind grinding wheel.

The new project: Flat grinding with coolgrind

The Austrian company H-Tec Präzisionstechnik GmbH is a well appreciated partner concerning high precision. In the ongoing search for possibilities to optimize the process of grinding they came across the coolgrind system. Diverse precision parts are being flat grinded on a Favretto MR 7U – 120. All participants were astonished by the first test with a coolgrind grinding wheel with the dimensions 450 mm diameter, 50 mm wide, 6 mm layer height and grain size CBN 91.

Goals of the test run:

  • achieving the required Ra- and Rz-Values
  • low wear of the grinding wheel
  • increasing the infeed rate

Test machine:
Favretto MR 7U -120