Iešmų smailių atramos

Biologiškai irūs iešmų smailių atramų tepalai 


Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Konsistencijos klasė, NLGI


Panaudojimas, savybės





Molyduval Alessa SE 40T







-30 iki +80











Bio Ester / Gelis + PTFE


Smailių pagalvių antifrikciniai Bio tepalai.

Pilnai sintetinis biologiškai irus ir saugus aplinkai gelio pagrindo tepalas geležinkelio bėgių iešmų smailių vertikalių atramų tepimui aukšto slėgio purkštuvais. Sudėtyje esantys 3 % Teflono (PTFE) tepikliai maksimaliai sumažina trintį tarp atramų, efektyviai mažinant jų dilimą  ir užtikrina be strigimų sklandų smailių pervedimo judesį.

Puikus lipnumas saugo nuo vibracijų ir triukšmo. Baltieji tepikliai užtikrina net sausąjį tepimą ilgalaikėse ekstremaliuose sąlygose.

Ypač didelio takumo, tikslu nekimšti purkštukų sukurtas nestandartinės dar žemesnės nei NLGI 000 konsistencijos ( 0000 ).

Biologiškai irus pagal CEC L33-A-93 bei aukštesnių reikalavimų OECD-301 A-F. Rusvas. MPFE0000K



Railroad Switchplate Lubricant

was designed to satisfy the environmental and mechanical requirements associated with Railroad turnouts and switches. Molyduval Alessa  switchplate lube is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional dirty lubricants typically used.

Molyduval Alessa  is non-flammable, non-corrosive, safe to use and provides long-term effectiveness. Molyduval Alessa  is not water soluble and therefore cannot be washed away by rainfall or melting snow.

Molyduval Alessa  is a specially formulated synthetic lubrication that is quite fluid, yet remains in place once it becomes "static". This "flowability" enables Molyduval Alessa  to be easily applied by brushing, pouring, or spraying with a handsprayer. The treated surface is environmentally friendly and will not stain surrounding surface areas. It provides an adherent barrier that will keep metal components continuously lubricated and offer protection against mild ice formation. Dust and dirt will not build-up onto the treated areas and it will not "harden" with age. Ideal protection during wet weather or in inherently wet locations with poor drainage.

Molyduval Alessa  is a better lubricant than other methods such as oil and liquid graphite because it stays on switches much longer. Depending on how often switches are used, a Molyduval Alessa  treated train switch can operate from one week to months before another treatment. Other lubricants, oils or greases need more frequent applications requiring crews to reapply lubricants more often. In addition, other methods need to be diluted.

Benefits :

  • Year Round Protection - Even In Moderate/Wet Climates
  • One Application Lasts Weeks Longer Than Other Methods
  • Is Not Water Soluble - Cannot Be Washed Away By Rain
  • Keeps Switch Lubricated For Weeks - Does Not Dry Out
  • Holds Fast to Vertical Surfaces & Remains In Place
  • Mechanical Lubricant And A Barrier Against Icing
  • Does Not Conduct Electricity or Cause Shorting
  • Reduce Maintenance Hours - It Lasts Longer
  • Replaces Liquid Graphite And Oil Lubricants
  • Safe To Use / Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable / Non-Corrosive
  • Efficient & Economical to Use
  • Will NOT Collect Dust & Dirt