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Houghton Dromus BX, Sitala emulsija

Houghton Garia, Hocut pjovimo alyvos 

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HOUGHTO (ex-Shell ) Pjovimo - formavimo alyvos


Houghton Cindol 3111


Molylub DrawOil ALU 31


Houghton Cindol 4683


Molylub DrawOil ALU 46


Houghton Cindol TD 1


Molylub DrawOil ALM 25


Houghton Cindolube 2000 C1


Molylub VegForm C1


Houghton Cindolube 341A


Molylub CutOil 34


Houghton Cindolube 400E


Molylub PressOil ALU 400


Houghton CMT Superkut 3-95.1


Molylub HonoCut 15


Houghton Cosmolubric SL68


Molylub PressOil SP 70


Houghton Cutmax 206AN                


Molylub CutOil  20 AN


Houghton Cutmax 230


Molylub CutOil 23


Houghton Cut-Max T 400 ZF


Molylub CutOil 400 T


Houghton Cut-Max V 520


Molylub CutOil 52


Houghton Drawsol 800S1


Molylub DrawStamp 800


Houghton Garia 601 M-12


Molylub CutOil 12 M


Houghton Hocut 3380


Molylub CutOil EP 38


Houghton Hocut 795 GNV/T


Molylub CutOil GN 79


Houghton Hocut 795 H


Molylub CutOil H 79


Houghton Hocut SB-5880


Molylub CutOil 58 S


Houghton Houghto-Draw 55


Molylub DrawOil AS 55


Houghton Houghto-Grind 03


Molylub GrindOil 3


Houghton Houghto-Quench 220 BG


Molylub QuenchOil 220


Houghton Macron 400 M-32


Molylub UniCut M 32


Houghton Mouldlubric 114

Houghton Mouldlubric 116


Molylub PressOil Lubra 14

Molylub PressOil Lubra 16


Houghton Safe 1120E


Molylub HYD SFE


Houghton Safe 620E


Molylub HYD SFE 6


Houghton Supercut 4-95.1


Molylub CutOil Tribo 20


Houghton Syndol


Molylub DrawOil ALU 93


Houghton Tube Draw 308


Molylub CaliFluid 32

Skiedžiamos HOUHTON emulsijos


Houghton Dromus BX


Molylub CutFluid H Plus


Houghton Metalina BY 2211


Molylub CutFluid SYN 22


Houghton Prenol ICH


Molylub SynGrind TD


Houghton Sitala D 201.03


Molylub CutFluid SYN D 201


Houghton Sitala DF400


Molylub CutFluid SYN DF


Houghton WD 201


Molylub CuDraw Rod


Houghton WD MM 40


Molylub CuDraw Medium

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Houghton ABC Machine Cleaner


Molylub MWO Cleaner


Houghton Ensis RPO 1200


Molylub AntiCor UNI 1200


Houghton Macron EDM 110


Molylub EdmCut 15


Houghton WD 201


Multidraw CU ROD

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Shell Hougton metalo apdirbimo skystis

Drawsol 850 is a blend of extreme pressure agents, fatty lubricants, petroleum oil and other inhibitors.

Drawsol 850 contains active sulfur and is primarily designed for heavy duty drawing, stamping, forming, extruding and fine blanking operations. Due to the presence of active sulfur, this product is not recommended for use on non-ferrous or yellow metals.

Drawsol 850 is designed for metalforming operations on ferrous materials with thickness up to 6mm. Drawsol 850 is effective at reducing heat build-up in multi-stage progressive die operations.

Drawsol 850 can be cleaned from parts using alkaline type spray cleaners or solvent hand cleaners. Drawsol 850 should be used as received.

  • Houghton Cut-Max T 400 ZF - Neat Cutting Oil - gf/12446

CUT-MAX T 400 ZF is based on hydro treated mineral oil with low aromatic content. A combination of polar, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives provide the oil with high load carrying properties. The oil provides good surface finish of the machined work pieces.

CUT-MAX T 400 ZF contains active sulphur and may discolour yellow metals. The oil is chlorine free.


CUT-MAX T 400 ZF is the ideal oil for machine shops specialising in deep hole drilling using a variety of machines and materials. Product is suitable for drilling diameters from 6-30 mm.Typical applications include drilling of fuel injection pumps and steering racks with TBT equipment.

CUT-MAX T 400 ZF is also suitable for aerospace and defence industries for the deep drilling of hard metals, Inconel, and titanium.

Approved for use on TBT machines.


Increased productivity - high removal rates.

Increased productivity - long tool life.

Reduced cost - long sump life.

Houghton Cindolube 2000 C1 - Emulsifiable vegetable oil based metalforming lubricant - 20714

Cindolube 2000C1 is an emulsifiable metalforming lubricant based on renewable vegetable oil technology and is free from chlorine, sulphur, glycol ether and diethanolamine.

Cindolube 2000C1 is a high lubricity product based on polar additives giving excellent performance in a range of ferrous and non-ferrous stamping and blanking operations.


Cindolube 2000C1 can be used neat or diluted with water and can be applied by immersion, spray or roller. Best results can be obtained in water of less than 20°F total hardness.

Cindolube 2000C1 is used in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous forming operations but is particularly effective for aluminium fin forming on radiators and condensers used in vehicle climate control systems to replace conventional solvent based products.

Cindolube 2000 C1 is easily removed by use of alkaline cleaners.


Chlorine, sulphur, diethanolamine and glycol ether free

Can be used neat or diluted with water


Based on renewable vegetable oil

Good rust preventive after forming