HFD fosfato eterių alyvos

Molyduval Herkules HFD 32

HFD fluids

A fire resistant HFD type hydraulic fluid manufactured from phosphate esters which derive thier resistancy from their molecular structure. The formulation meets or exceeds the fire resistance requirements of: C.E.C. (Luxembourg 7th Report) and Factory Mutual Spray Ignition Tests. Factory Mutual - Hot Channel Ignition Test. British Coal - Fluid Soaked Wick Test.


Molyduval HFD 46 is a substitute for mineral-based hydraulic oils where the need to reduce risk of fire with hydraulic equipment that operates near flames, hot surfaces or molten metals. It is particularly suited to systems that are subject to high temperature operation, beyond the capability of water-based fluids. Use in steel and aluminium production, pressure die-casting, glassmaking, polymer forming and many other high fire risk industries. Note: It is advised to monitor viscosity, water content and acid value to assess the fluid condition during use. Molyduval Oils can advise on test methods and any required actions.