Gulf alyva

Gulf Harmony alyva

Gulf Crown tepalas

Gulf Fidelity LL46

Originalus produktas

Siūloma  alternatyva

Tepimas Gulf alyva

Gulf Security

Molylub GW 68

Gulf Security NT

Molylub GWA 100

Gulf Security PMA

Molylub PPM 220

Gulf Crest 32

Leprinxol TDL 32

Gulf Crest EP 46

Leprinxol TDL 46 EP

Gulf EP Lubricant HD 150

Molylub CLP 150

Gulf EP Lubricant HD 220

Molylub CLP 220

Gulf EP Lubricant HD 320

Molylub CLP 320

Gulf EP Lubricant SY 150

Molylub PAO 150

Gulf EP Lubricant SY 320

Molylub PAO 320

Gulf Gear WT 150

Molylub Flender Oil

Gulf Senate 460

Leprinxol Gear SP 460

Gulf Synthetic Gear Oil 150

Molylub PAG 150

Gulf Turbofuid 46XC

Leprinxol TLV

Gulf Eskimo 32

Repsol Polar 32

Gulf Eskimo 68

Repsol Polar 68

Gulf Fidelity 46

Leprinxol VDL 46

Gulf Fidelity LL 46

Molylub CDMA 46

Gulf Fidelity PA 100

Molylub CDA 100

Gulf Harmony R&O

Leprinxol HL 46

Gulf Harmony AW 32

Leprinxol HYD AW 32

Gulf Harmony AW 46

Leprinxol HYD AW 46

Gulf Harmony AW Plus

Leprinxol HYD AF

Gulf Harmony AW Plus Super Clean

Leprinxol HYD OPM

Gulf Harmony AW Super Clean

Leprinxol HYD OP

Gulf Harmony CME

Molylub HV Mine

Gulf Harmony EF 46

Leprinxol Bio HYD BD 46

Gulf Harmony HLP 32

Leprinxol HYD 32

Gulf Harmony HLP 46

Leprinxol HYD 46

Gulf Harmony HLP 68

Leprinxol HYD 68

Gulf Harmony HLPD 46

Leprinxol HFO-D 46

Gulf Harmony HVI 22

Leprinxol HVC 22

Gulf Harmony HVI 32

Leprinxol HVC 32

Gulf Harmony Bio-Synth 32

Leprinxol Synth HME 46

Gulf Way 68

Molylub GM LS 68

Gulf Way 220

Molylub GM LS 220

Gulf Way H 68

Leprinxol Gliss 68

Gulf Way H 220

Leprinxol Gliss 220

Gulf Merit 150

Molylub RockDrill 150

Gulf Mould Oil T

Leprinxol Schaloel S8

Gulf Chainsaw Oil 100

Leprinxol SKM

Gulf Therm 32

Leprinxol Therm M 32

Gulf No Rust C

Molylub DW

Gulf Transcrest I

Leprinxol TRS-I

Gulf Transcrest U

Leprinxol TRS-U

Gulf Quench

Molylub Quenchoel

Gulf Cascade EP-SAX

Leprinxol Leumex WSS 1321

Gulf Cascade EP-XLL

Leprinxol Leumex WSS Plus

Gulf Cascade EP-SAX

Leprinxol Leumex EPS

Gulf Cascade GR-S

Leprinxol Leumex Grind

Konsistenciniai Gulf tepalai

Gulf Super Duty EP-2 Grease

Molylub Abschmierfett HD 2

Gulf Crown MP 2.5

Leprinxol Lycos MP 2

Gulf Crown USG 2.5

Molylub Li-Ca 2

Gulf Crown EP 00

Molylub Lycos ZS 00

Gulf Crown EP 2

Molylub Fett L 2

Gulflex EPG 2

Molylub MoS 2

Gulf Crown LC 2

Molylub Lix EP 2

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas 

Gulf Synth Compressor Oil 46

Gulf Synth Compressor Oil 68

Gulf DE Compressor Oil 68

Gulf DE Compressor Oil 100

Gulf Synth LPG Compressor Oil

Gulf Synth Gear Oil 220

Gulf Synth Gear Oil 320

Gulf Synth Gear Oil PG 220

Gulf AB Cooloil 55

Gulf AB Cooloil 100

Gulf PE Cooloil 32

Gulf PE Cooloil 46

Gulf PE Cooloil 68

Gulf PE Cooloil 100

Gulf PE Cooloil 150

Gulf PE Cooloil 220

GulfSea Gear Oil 68
GulfSea Gear Oil 100
GulfSea Gear Oil 150
GulfSea Gear Oil 220
GulfSea Gear Oil 320
GulfSea Gear Oil 460
GulfSea Gear Oil 680
GulfSea N Cooloil
GulfSea Compressor Oil 68
GulfSea Compressor Oil 100
GulfSea HT Oil 32
GulfSea Turbine Oil 32
GulfSea Turbine Oil 46
GulfSea Turbine Oil 68
GulfSea Turbine Oil 100
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 15
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 22
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 32
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 46
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 68
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 100
GulfSea Hydraulic HVI Plus 150
GulfSea UTTO 80W
GulfSea Gear B 80W-90
GulfSea Power MX 15W-40
GulfSea Powerfleet 10W-30
GulfSea Powerfleet 15W-40
GulfSea Powerfleet Plus 10W-40
GulfSea TDI 15W-40
GulfSea Diesel DD 30
GulfSea Diesel DD 40
Gulfsea Diesel GD 40
Gulfsea Diesel GE 40
GulfSea Outboard 3

Gulfsea BD Hydraulic Oil 32

Gulfsea BD Hydraulic Oil 46

Gulfsea BD Hydraulic Oil 68

Gulfsea BD Hydraulic Oil 100

Gulfsea BD Sterntube Oil 68

Gulfsea BD Sterntube Oil 100

Gulfsea BD Sterntube Oil 220

Gulfsea BD Gear Oil 68

Gulfsea BD Gear Oil 100

Gulfsea BD Gear Oil 150

Gulfsea BD EP2 Grease

Gulf Multipurpose Grease

for Rotating Surfaces

For use on all types of chains, including motorcycle 0-RING, X-RING and Z-RING type.

Excellent penetration properties for all chain links, leaving a protective and durable layer against rust and water. High viscosity assures grease adheres to the chain even at high speed. Lower friction and increased adhesion extends life of chains and sprockets.

Working tempera­ture range: – 30 to 200°c.

360° action – product is equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve for application from several angles.