Geležinkelio technikos tepalai - Rail Lubricants

IKV Group provide a extensive range of specially developed, environmentally friendly and biodegradable lubricants, high performance oils, specialist greases and biodegradeable solvents for many applications throughout the rail industry.

We supply products for use both on track maintenance, to enhance reliability and on many applications on rolling stock, trains and carriages. From

switch points and rail track applications 


wheel flange lubricants, electrical contacts and switchgear

we have a product designed for your needs.

IKV Lubricants has been a leader in the field of high performance lubricants for many years & has met the increasing demands for tribological products that meet the requirements of the industries OEM’s.

IKV’s strategy consists of continuous research and on-going development supporting the industries design engineers by offering innovative tribological solutions.

IKV's quick reacting team, along with its capability to develop new products to meet a customer brief or application, make it a leader in its field. These products are available as greases, oils, pastes or dry coatings and are state-of-the-art solutions in the field of lubrication for long life, friction and wear reduction.

To accomplish this IKV uses a wide range of materials suitable for their tribological properties as well as for their compatibility or inertness with other materials. The result is a range of products containing approximately 500 formulations, which are capable of solving most all tribological problems encountered.

IKV realises the products must also meet application requirements and has, therefore, adapted its packaging to meet these requirements. IKV is part of a group, which has been in existence for nearly 100 years, a staff of 250 dedicated employees and a fully equipped in house laboratory with the latest equipment and a large production facility.

Although IKV Group already has a large range of proven products it prides itself on its ability to develop new products to meet the growing demands for excellence in industry.

IKV's quality management system guarantees its customers a perfect match between the properties of the products supplied and specific demands. This system has ISO 9001 vs 2000 accreditation.