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Gardner Denver Aeon 500


Molylub Compoil HC 100


Gardner Denver Aeon 800


Molylub Compoil HC 46


Gardner Denver Aeon 2000


Molyduval Patricia CDM 32


Gardner Denver Aeon 4000


Molyduval Patricia CDMA 46


Gardner Denver Aeon 5000


Molyduval Patricia CDE 68


Gardner Denver Aeon 8000


NycoLube 3051

Gardner Denver Aeon 9000 SP

Molyduval Patricia CDA 46

Gardner Denver Aeon 9000TH

Molyduval Patricia CDE 68

Gardner Denver Aeon 6000FG

Molyduval Soraja CDA 46

Gardner Denver Aeon AC FG

Molyduval Soraja CDA 100

Gardner Denver Aeon AC SY

Molyduval Patricia CDE 100

Gardner Denver Aeon BIO

Molylub Compoil Bio 46

Gardner Denver Aeon PD FG

Molyduval Soraja GA 220 P

Gardner Denver Fluid Force Red 2000

Molylub Compoil HC 150

Gardner Denver Fluid Force HPO

Ultrachem Fluid Force HPO 68

originalus gamintojas :

Ultrachem Fluid Force HPO

Ultrachem Fluid Force HPO

Gardner Denver Fluid Force Clear

Molyduval Soraja CDA

Gardner Denver Fluid Force Gas

Molylub CG 40

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Gardner Denver is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world. We offer a diverse range of pumps from drilling, well servicing and stimulation pumps which are reciprocating positive displacement pumps built on crankshaft or eccentric shaft designs, through to truck mounted liquid pumps for discharging liquids from road tankers and WOB-L Piston, Diaphragm, Rotary Vane, Articulated Piston, Linear and Peristaltic and centrifugal pumps used in medical, laboratory, life science and chemical applications


is a premium grade diester lubricant which leaves virtually no carbon deposits. Excellent for use in 100% duty cycle applications. High viscosity index offers superior performance in both high and low temperature applications.


is authorized by the USDA as an H-1 approved lubricant suitable for incidental food contact.

AEON 5000 is a long-life, premium grade, semi-synthetic lubricant that provides extended time intervals between changes. It is recommended for use in industrial applications where ambient temperatures can be below -20˚ F. AEON 5000 reduces lubricant consumption and carry over while maintaining aftercooler cleanliness and efficiency. Valve carbon buildup is virtually eliminated, resulting in significant maintenance savings.

AEON 500  is a premium grade, non-detergent, petroleum lubricant. It is specifically blended and recommended for use in industrial reciprocating compressors’ crankcases and cylinders. AEON 500’s high viscosity index provides adequate lubrication over a wide operating temperature range. Rust inhibitors protect crankcase lubricated components, while oxidation inhibitors prevent oil degradation during normal service intervals. AEON 500’s nondetergent properties and low vapor pressure leave less carbon residue on valves and internal cooler surfaces than conventional mineral oils.


is a Superior Protection PAO (polyalphaolefin)/ MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester) blend formulated with proven additive components. The result is superior thermal and oxidative stability. AEON 9000SP is ideal for applications which require extended operating intervals. It is formulated for demulsibility and optimum viscosity over the compressors entire operating temperature range. Lab life and multiple field applications have proven AEON 9000SP to provide superior service life, while minimizing oil carry over and unit maintenance.