Ugniai atsparus HFD skystis

Ugniai atsparios transformatorių alyvos


Klampumas prie 40ºC, mm2 /s

Tankis, prie 15ºC, kg/m3

Pliūpsnio temp. PMCC, ºC

Stingimo temperatūra ºC,

Panaudojimas, savybės


Sintetico Comander EHC

(keičiamas į naują Molylub EHC Plus)









HFD tipo užsiliepsnojimui atsparus triarilfosfatų pagrindo reguliatorių skystis elektro-hidraulikos kontrolės garo turbinų sistemoms. ISO-LTCD. Kategorija :

HFD transformatorių alyva

Atitinka :

  • GEK 46357 E;
  • ASTM-D-4293,
  • Siemens-KWU, BBC,
  • AEG, PARSON, etc

Keičia :

  • Fyrquel-L
  • Reolube OMTI

Pramoninių transformatorių alyvos

Reolube Turbofluid keičiamas su Molylub EHC Plus

fire resistant fluids are specifically designed to meet the stringent operating demands and OEM specifications of the modern power generation market.

The range includes Turbofluid 32B GT, primarily designed forstationary gasturbine, but can also be used for combined cycle and steam turbine units where an ISO VG 32 fluid or lubricant is required. The ISO VG 46 Turbofluids cover the wide range of requirementsfor both steam and gasturbine governor control and lubrication systems.

Reolube OMTI, originally developed as a combined control and lubrication fluid for large steam turbines may also be used in gas turbines and offers a high degree of fire resistance.

Power Generation Fluids and Lubricants :

Reolube Turbofluid Trixylenyl Phosphate based

  • Reolube Turbofluid 46XC *
  • Reolube Turbofluid 46XC (AP) *
  • Reolube OMT

* Fluids are Factory Mutual approved to Std 6930.

The technical purchasing specification TLV 9012 02 is valid for procuring fire resistant fluids (FRF) for electro hydraulic actuators in steam turbines. Fire resistant fluids which were tested and approved according to TLV 9012 02 are shown in the following approval list. The approval does not release the supplier from his responsibility for the quality of the product.