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Pjovimo - formavimo alyvos


Mobil Bandschleiföl 165


Molylub Cutoil RL 5


Mobil Ceres 22


Molylub Cutoil 22


Mobil Cutrex 411


Molylub Cutoil RL 10


Mobil Cutrex 424


Molylub Cutoil ZN 22


Mobil Cutrex 427


Molylub Cutoil ZN 46


Mobilcut 225


Molylub Cutfluid Plus 10h


Mobilcut 235


Molylub Cutfluid Extra 10h 


Mobilmet 423


Molylub Cutoil Multi 10


Mobilmet 426


Molylub Cutoil Multi 32


Mobilmet 427


Molylub Cutoil Multi 46


Mobilmet 446


Molylub Cutoil ZN 46


Mobilmet 762


Molylub Honoil EP 22


Mobilmet 763


Molylub Cutoil DHD 22


Mobil Sultran D


Molylub Honoil 5.1


Mobil Vacmul 03 C


Molylub Honoil 5.1 C


Mobil Vacmul 2105


Molylub Grindoil 19


Mobil Vacmul 925


Molylub Cutoil DHD 22


Mobil Vacmul A 6


Molylub Grindoil 26

Skiedžiamos emulsijos


Mobilmet 151


Molylub Cutfluid 350


Mobilmet 221


Molylub Cutfluid AL Spezial


Mobilmet 714


Molylub 755 Konzentrat


Mobil Solvac 1535 G


Molylub Cutfluid Plus 10h


Mobil Solvac 1535 GD


Molylub Cutfluid AL Uni

Antikoroziniai skysčiai


Mobilarma SF


Molylub Anticor ROL 65

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Nauja atnaujinta vandenyje tirpių metalo apdirbimui skirtų MOBILCUT emulsijų grupė :

Kutwell 42 - Mobilcut 100

Mobilcut 122, 132, 141, 144 - Mobilcut 140

Mobilcut 202, 222, 231, 232, 242 - Mobilcut 210

Mobilcut 321 - Mobilcut 230, Mobilcut 240, Mobilcut 250, Mobilcut 320

Mobilcut 100

General machining of easy to machine steels and copper alloys in light to moderate duty machining operations such as milling, turning, sawing, boring, drilling and reaming.

Mobilcut 140

Machining of aluminum and high machinability steels in o moderate to heavy duty operations such as milling, turning, sawing, boring, drilling and reaming where the lubricity of a soluble oil is desired.

Mobilcut 210

Machining of ferrous/non ferrous metals in centralized or individual machines.  Lower oil content for extra wettability and corrosion protection.  Well suited for cast iron machining and grinding.

Mobilcut 230

High performance, semi synthetic cutting fluid, primarily recommended for machining steels, easier to machine stainless steels, and cast iron in milling, tuning, sawing, boring, drilling and reaming.

Mobilcut 250

Semi synthetic cutting fluid primarily intended for the machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys.  It  may also be used on a wide variety of ferrous materials where a more versatile fluid is required.

Mobilcut 320

Synthetic (mineral oil-free) grinding fluid, primarily recommended for grinding of steels and cast iron.

Mobilmet Active Series Metalworking Fluids

Mobilmet Alpha, Sigma, Gamma and Omega are high performance mineral oil-type active cutting oils. 

The balanced selection of additives maximizes performance over a wide range of pressures and temperatures when machining under challenging conditions.  This additive combination also controls buildup on the tool tip for a better surface finish. 

Mobilmet metalworking fluids contain the active anti-weld properties needed for cutting metals that are difficult to machine.  They are transparent on the workpiece, allowing good visual inspection of machined parts. 

The Mobilmet Series includes products for a wide variety of operations, severities and metallurgies. 

Mobilmet Non-staining Metalworking Fluids

Mobilmet 402, 404 and 416

are high performance mineral oil-type non-staining metalworking fluids. 

They meet the anti-weld and lubricity requirements of moderate machining operations for most alloys.

Mobilmet metalworking fluids will not stain ferrous or nonferrous metals.  Their non-staining nature permits their

use where complementary oils are required for the splash, hydraulic or spindle lubrication systems of metalworking machines, or where bronze or white metal is used in machine components exposed to the oils.

Mobilcut 102 Metalworking Fluids

Mobilcut 102 is a conventional soluble cutting fluid that mixes readily with water to form a stable emulsion.  It has excellent rust-preventive properties, is foam-inhibiting, and is ideal for many cutting and grinding operations.

Mobilcut is a premium soluble oil that resists oil-water separation in conditions such as contamination or hard water. 

It has a bactericide to prevent objectionable odors; when diluted as a 95:5 water-oil mixture, it can be used as a fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Manufactured parts can also be protected from rust by immersing in a Mobilcut 102 emulsion at 150-180°F, then allowing parts to dry.

Mobilcut 262

is a biostable chlorine free high performance metalworking fluid.

Mobilcut 262 is formulated with a high level of extreme pressure and lubricity additives to give excellent tool life

in the most arduous machining operations.


Mobilcut 262 offers the following benefits:

· Outstanding machining performance on ferrous metals including high tensile steels and stainless steel

· Suitable for machining aluminium and non ferrous metals

· High level of bacterial resistance

· Very stable emulsion in a wide range of diluent water qualities over a long service life

· No sticky deposits on machine tool slides and fixtures

· Chlorine free therefore can be used for machining most aluminium alloys used in the Aerospace Industry

· Resistant to bacterial oil degradation


Mobilcut 262 is recommended for all heavy duty machining operations on steels aluminium and yellow metals.

It can be used as a replacement for mineral oil or vegetable oil based grades for tapping and threading high

tensile steels and in gear cutting operations.

Recommended Dilutions

Grinding ( heavy stock removal ) 5 - 10%

Turning, Drilling, Sawing, Milling, Reaming 5 - 10%

Deep Hole Boring, Gear Grinding 5 - 10%