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Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Maksimalūs slėgiai, bar


Panaudojimas, savybės



Triboflon TXN 702 OX



-50 iki +250

Ribinėms + 300



450 prie 60ºC



PFPE + Teflonas (PTFE)

Specialios inertiškos perfluoruotos PFPE alyvos ir PTFE / Teflono tirštiklio pagrindo konsistencinis tepalas deguonies įrangos priežiūrai.

Saugus (nedegus ir nesprogus), absoliučiai nejautrus deguonies poveikiui, jo terpėje netirpstantis ir įrangos neėsdinantis tepalas.

Išskirtinai platus temperatūrinis diapazonas.

Sertifikuotas BAM (Bundesanstalt fur Materialforshung und prufung).

Baltos spalvos.

Lyginant su konkurentais, siekia aukščiausiai galimus 450 barų slėgius prie padidintų 60ºC

Dabar jau tiekiamas ir ypač mažuose 50 gramų pakuotėse


IKV-TRIBOFLON® TXN 702 OX is a special non-flammable white lubricating paste/sliding agent
developed from a perfluoroalkyl-polyether-type (PFPE) oil and a special thickener. The base oil used
is totally inert physically and chemically in the event of aggression by all kinds of liquids, vapours or
reactive gas products (except for fluorinated solvents and refrigerants) and even thermal radiation.
Due to the fact that this product is free of organic materials, it is completely non-flammable and
consequently can be used in critical applications where fire safety and explosion risk are vital
considerations for the user. This product cannot be burned and does not produce oxidative residues.
IKV-TRIBOFLON® TXN 702 OX is high operational safety lubricant for installations and components
carrying gaseous oxygen subject to oxygen pressure up to 450 bar at maximum 60 °C.
IKV-TRIBOFLON® TXN 702 OX has an impressive range of properties, that ensure they are the
lubricant of choice for many critical applications in a wide range of industries :
Compatibility - with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals generally
Temperature resistance – this product has a very high thermal stability and when exposed to high
temperatures it exhibits extremely slow evaporation rates when compared with conventional and
other synthetic lubricants. This results in excellent durability and long life at elevated temperatures. At
low temperatures it becomes neither hard nor brittle and remains soft and lubricious.
Very wide operating temperature range - In many industrial applications, components must operate
in fluctuating or varying high and low temperatures, for these applications, a lubricant with a wide
temperature capability is important.
Non-carbonising - evaporates very slowly and “cleanly” in high temperatures. It is oxidation stable
over long time periods and will not leave behind gummy or carbonized deposits, even when its
temperature limits are exceeded.
Good anti wear properties – IKV-TRIBOFLON® greases with their high film strength offer outstanding
long term wear prevention and dramatic increases in work cycle life over both conventional and
other synthetic lubricants.
IKV-TRIBOFLON® TXN 702 OX is suitable for use as a lubricant/sliding agent in both highly pressurised
and low pressurised tube and piping systems, valves and fittings or other components for gaseous
oxygen service at temperatures up to 60°C also when oxygen is suddenly compressed adiabatically.
This paste is also suitable for compressors, sealing, packing of bearing and sealant housings, gears,
slideways, roller and plain bearings, bolt threads and screw connections, gas welding, oxygen
lances in steel production, Oxygen handling systems for scuba and respiratory systems, other
reactive gases, medical gases and medical equipment.