Danfoss kompresorių alyva 160SZ

POE lubricant, 320SZ

Maneurop NTZ alyva 175PZ

Danfoss POE oil

DANFOSS šaldymo kompresorių alyvos


Danfoss oil


Siūloma alternatyva


Danfoss 120Z5033


Nycobase 7450


Danfoss 120Z5034


Nycolube 7050V

Danfoss 160ABM

Molyduval Patricia KA 46 STR

Danfoss 160HZ

Molylub POE Piston 32

Danfoss 160MPZ

Nycolube 7030

Danfoss 160P

Molylub RCF 32

Danfoss 160PZ

NL 7030

Danfoss 160SZ

Nycobase 7450

Danfoss 160Z

Nycolube 7030

Danfoss 7754023

Molylub POE Scroll 22

Danfoss 320SZ 

Nycolube 7050

Danfoss 7754121

Nycolube 7050


Nycobse 7450

Danfoss P.O.E 185SL

Nycolube 7030


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* Multipacks refer to deliveries from Danfoss Commercial Compressors to central Danfoss stocks or direct deliveries to OEM customers. These products may be available as single packs for end customers.


Description : POE lubricant, 160PZ, 1 litre can

Application :

·          Air Conditioning scroll compressors

·          Reciprocating compressors

·          Refrigeration scroll compressors

MTZ & NTZ & MPZ & VTZ with R404A, R507A, R134a, R407C