Copeland 22 CC alyva

Alyva Copeland šaldymo kompresoriui

ISO VG 22 alyva Copeland šaldikliui

Emerson Climate Technologies tepalai

1. Mineralinės alyvos :

Mineral Oil Copeland 46BWMO   -   Molylub RCF KC 46

2. Sintteinė Alkil benzeno alyva amoniakui :

Alkyl Benzene Shrieve Zerol 200 TD  -  Molylub Synth ARC 46

3. Sintetinė Poliolio esterių alyva

Copeland Ultra 22 CC  -   Nycobase 7450 

Copeland Ultra 32 CC - Nycolube 7030

Copeland Ultra 32-3MAF - Molylub EsterOil BSE 32

Refer to the following Application Bulletins for additional information:

4-1295 HFC-134a Refrigerant Guidelines 27-1308, 27-1309 and 27-1322 for Copeland Screw™ Compressors 25-1177

Safe Handling Of Compressed Gases 17-1233

Non-Standard Application of Copeland® Compressors 93-02 CFC-12 To R-401A* 93-03 CFC-12 To R-401B* 93-04 CFC-12 To HFC-134a* 93-05 R-502 To R-402A/R-408A* 94-15 R-502 To R-404A/R-507* 95-14 R-22 To R-407C* 2005CC-54 HCFC R-22 To HFC R-404A/507 2007CC-13 HCFC R-22 To HFC R-422A/D

Copeland does not advocate the wholesale changeover of CFC refrigerants to HCFCs or HFCs.

If a system is not leaking refrigerant to the atmosphere, and is operating properly, there is no technical reason to replace the CFC refrigerant. Changing the refrigerant may void the U.L. listing of the unit. However, once the decision has been made to make the change from CFC-12 (R-12) to HFC-134a (R-134a), the following guidelines are recommended.

Oil Type & Removal Mineral oil is used in the ZR*KC compressors for R-22 applications. Polyolester (POE) oil is used in the ZR*KCE and ZP*KCE compressors for R-22/R-407C/R- 134a and R-410A applications respectively. See the compressor nameplate for the original oil charge. A complete recharge should be approximately four fl uid ounces (118 ml) less than the nameplate value. If additional oil is needed in the field for POE applications, Copeland Ultra 32-3MAF, Lubrizol Emkarate RL32-3MAF, Parker Emkarate RL32-3MAF/ (Virginia) LE32-3MAF, or Nu Calgon 4314-66 (Emkarate RL32-3MAF) should be used. Copeland™ Ultra 22 CC, Hatcol EAL 22CC, and Mobil EAL Arctic 22 CC are acceptable alternatives.