Clean Room aplinkos tepalas

Švarios aplinkos - Clean Room guolių tepalas


Darbinės temperatūros, ºC

Lašėjimo temperatūra, ºC


Panaudojimas, savybės


Molyduval    Nora LM 2



-30 iki +150








Modernus riedėjimo guolių triukšmą slopinantis, plataus temperatūrinio diapazono tepalas. Kelis  kartus ilgesnis keitimo intervalas nei įprastų tepalų. Ypatingai švarus, tolygios struktūros,  užtikrina tylų guolių sukimąsi dideliais greičiais. Ventiliatorių, vėjo jėgainių propelerių guoliai.

Mikro elektronikos pramonei, kurios darbinė aplinka jautri metalo elementams ir užterštumų židiniams


Clean Room tepalas

Molylub Clean Room Fett

is a smooth, off-white fully synthetic NLGI 2 grade grease based upon specially selected raw materials and a proprietary thickener. This product was specifically designed for use in micro-electronic and clean room applications, which are sensitive to metallic elements and other contaminants. Molylub Clean Room Fett uses no ingredients containing lithium, molybdenum, calcium, aluminum, barium, zinc, phosphorous or sodium as standard elements. These elements are typically found in other greases and may be contained in relatively high concentration. Molylub Clean Room Fett provides outstanding low friction and anti-wear properties making it ideal for use in all precision requirements and applications which require exceptional lubricity.

Temperature Range

-40°C to 150°C


Molylub Clean Room Fett is intended for use on ball, roller, and needle bearings, linear motion components, carriages, lead screws, gears, sliding and roller surfaces, instruments and precision equipment.


Molylub Clean Room Fett is compatible with many lubricants but certain adverse reactions can occur when mixing greases. Mixing of incompatible greases can cause failure and/or decreased performance in certain applications. Before use in any system, consider doing some testing to make sure this product is appropriate for your particular application. It is also important to check for compatibility with the grease you are presently using, and we at Mechanica UAB Supplies