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CIMSTAR 506 Cimcool alyva

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Cimcool Cimstar 156-02

Molylub CutFluid H-Extra

Cimcool Cimstar 506

Molylub Cutfluid Extra 10h 

Cimcool Cimstar 405

Molylub Cutfluid AL Spezial

Cimcool Cimstar 450

Molylub Cutfluid AL Uni

Cimcool Cimstar LD 422

Molylub Cutfluid Primam

Cimcool Cimperial 821

Molylub Cutfluid 350

Pjovimo alyvos

Cimcool Milpro LV 15

Molylub Honoil Multi 4.0

Cimcool Milpro MT 45

Molylub Cutoil RL 22

Cimcool Milpro MC 50

Molylub Cutoil MC 50

Cimcool Milpro HG 25

Molylub Grindoil CBN 17

Cimcool Milpro HD 85

Molylub Cutoil ZN 22

Formavimo skysčiai

Cimcool Milform 610

Molylub Washlube Cabinen M

Cimcool Milform 50 - 50

Moylub Drawpaste

Cimcool Milform 645

Molylub Drawfluid 120

Cimcool Milform 6265

Molylub Drawoil ST WS

Cimcool Milpro HD 85

Molylub Drawoil SST 120

Antikoroziniai skysčiai

Cimcool Cimguard 20

Molylub Dewat HC 3

Cimguard 20 Spray

Molyduval Tutela 33 Spray

Cimcool Cimguard 40

Molylub Anticor Agri 2 Plus

Cimcool Cimguard 80

Molylub Solv Anticor 3 

Cimcool Cimguard 90

Molylub Anticor W-Solv

Pjovimo pastos

Cimcool Cimtap

Molyduval Supercut 360

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  • Cimclean            

Industrial cleaners and parts washers

  • Cimfree               

Metalworking fluids based on renewable raw materials

  • Cimglass              

Fluids for the glass industry

  • Cimguard            

Protection against corrosion

  • Cimperial            

Emulsion-cutting and grinding fluids

  • Cimstar

Water-soluble semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluids

  • Cimtech              

Water-soluble synthetic cutting and grinding fluids

  • Cimtube              

Fluids for the tube and pipe industry

  • Milform               

Metal-forming products

  • Milpro  

Neat cutting and grinding oils

CIMSTAR products include a broad range of general machining and grinding fluids which are recommended for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations. These metalworking fluids are recommended for ferrous and many non-ferrous metals. CIMSTAR fluids commonly contain a low to moderate amount of mineral oil and are semi-transparent when mixed with water. This product family is especially useful in applications that require long fluid lide and cleanliness.

CIMPERIAL line of products is designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CIMPERIAL soluble oils offer long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristics and excellent rancidity control. CIMPERIAL METALWORKING FLUIDS are always "machine friendly" and engineered to save money on storage, handling, mixing, charging, makeup and maintenance costs. Many CIMPERIAL fluids contain extreme pressure additives providing for enhanced machining and grinding performance capabilities in the most difficult applications.

CIMTECH synthetic products improve both machining and grinding applications without using mineral oil. Through pioneering research and development, as well as extensive testing, CIMTECH products were designed to provide, clean, low foaming, synthetic metalworking fluids. These qualities translate to significant advantages in machine performance and product quality.

CIMGUARD offers both water- and oil-based products technologically created to protect metal surfaces from oxidation during storage and transportation. The water-based products provide a light ilm, and typically offer corrosion control lasting from several days to several weeks. Oil-based products provide a heavier film and offer longer corrosion protection lasting from months to years