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Chemical Manufacturing & Processing Lubricants

Extend lifespan of chemical manufacturing and processing equipment

The Lubrication Engineers challenges at chemical manufacturing and processing plants include continuous operation, temperature extremes, and contamination from chemicals, water and particulates.

Many processes in the chemical industry require only standard lubricants. However, if gas compressors, industrial valves and fittings or rolling bearings, e.g. in centrifuges or driers, are operated in contact with aggressive media, normal greases or oils are no longer sufficient. For such applications we have developed special lubricants based on PFPE/PTFE, which maintain their full performance even when subjected to extreme conditions. Thus incidental relubrication beyond the scheduled maintenance intervals is no longer necessary and the availability as well as the economic efficiency of your plant increases

For equipment to continue running, the lubricant has to perform, despite all of the challenging conditions. Keeping your rotary compressors, centrifugal compressors, ammonia chillers, hydraulic systems, pumps, electric motors and other equipment running efficiently can be a challenge if you are not investing in a lubricant reliability program