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Caterpillar alyvos

Caterpillar Cat HYDO

Molylub HYD OPM 46

Caterpillar CAT BIO HYDO

Molylub HME 46


Molylub HEES Synth 46

Cat ECF-1a

Leprinxol Truck LD Low Ash Plus

Cat ECF-2

Leprinxol Maja LD UHPD 10w40

Konsistenciniai Caterpillar tepalai

Cat MPG grease

Molylub Lycos MZ 2

Cat 1P-0808

Molylub Lycos MP 2

Cat MPGM grease

Molylub Lycos MoS 2

Cat SP-0960

Molylub Molibgras EP2


Molyduval Pegasus UM 2

Cat SPG Moly Grease

Molyduval Mona-Lisa

Cat MPWAG grease

Molyduval Long-Life Z2

Cat Severe Application grease

Molylub Lycos CA 2

Caterpillar Hammer Grease

Molyduval Long-Life G2

Cat Auto-Lube 1 Grease

Molyduval Prometheus B 291

Cat Auto-Lube 2 Grease

Molyduval Prometheus B 292

Cat A-L Grease

Molyduval Prometheus BM

Cat DG grease

Molyduval Casone CKM 2M

Cat AP grease

Molyduval Aero LM 2M

Cat PG paver grease

Molyduval Casone CSM 2M

Cat WTR grease

Molyduval Long-Life C 2

Cat 4C-4774 grease

Molyduval Long-Life C 2

Cat High Speed Ball Bearing Grease

Molyduval Supravit 52 LM

Cat Ultra 5 Moly Grease

Molyduval Mona-Lisa

Cat 6V-4876

Molyduval Quick GM

Cat 5P-3931

Molyduval Ciric B 271

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Cat Grease

Cat Grease is specially designed for Cat Machines to greatly reduce pin and bushing wear issues, such as galling and scaring, and to help prevent seizing. Cat Grease is also corrosion resistant and resists water/salt water washout.

  • Formulated for Caterpillar equipment
  • Greases for all applications and climates
  • Variety of packaging options
  • Environmentally Friendly

It's unique grease thickener out performs our competitor's products and provides continuous protection to machines.

Premium Cat Grease: For the ultimate performance in moderate and extreme climates.

  • Ultra 5Moly (Moderate Climates)
  • Desert Gold Grease (Extreme Climates)
  • Arctic Platinum Grease (Extreme Climates)

Multi-Purpose Cat Grease: For general lubrication in moderate climates.

  • Multi-Purpose Grease
  • Advanced 3Moly