RIVOLTA tepalas

Rivolta tepalas

Rivolta S.K.D. 240 tepimas

Rivolta F.L.500 alyva

Originalus produktas

Siūloma alternatyva

Rivolta alyvos

Rivolta F.L. 12

Molyduval Biolube M 5

Rivolta F.L. 20

Molyduval Biolube M 15

Rivolta F.L. 50

Molyduval Soraja HA 32 

Rivolta F.L. 75

Molyduval Soraja HA 46

Rivolta F.L. 88

Molyduval Sekorex Non-Tox 80

Rivolta F.L. 100

Molyduval Soraja HA 68

Rivolta F.L. 125

Molyduval Soraja GA 100

Rivolta F.L. 170

Molyduval Soraja GA 150

Rivolta F.L. 250

Molyduval Soraja GA 220

Rivolta F.L. 400

Molyduval Soraja GA 320

Rivolta F.L. 500

Molyduval Soraja GA 460

Rivolta F.L. 1000

Molyduval Sekorex Non-Tox 1500

Rivolta S.B.H. 11

Molyuduval Rabilub 22

Rivolta S.B.H. 23

Molyduval Rabilub 46

Rivolta S.B.H. 97BE

Molyduval Herkules SE 46

Rivolta S.K.D. 16

Molyduval Sekorex D 15

Rivolta S.K.D. 55

 Molylub SE ChainOil 175

Rivolta S.K.D. 170

Lubra Ergosynth Chain WH

Rivolta S.K.D. 2000

Molylub SE ChainOil 4000

Rivolta S.K.D. 240

Molyduval Sekorex D 100

Rivolta S.K.D. 3000 Molyduval Sekorex LM 50

Rivolta S.K.D. 3010

Molyduval Sekorex B

Rivolta S.K.M. 17

Molylub BioChain 15

Rivolta S.K.M. 41

Molylub BioChain 46

Rivolta S.K.M. 46

Molylub BioChain 68

Rivolta S.K.M. 56

Molylub BioChain 68 Plus

Rivolta S.K.M. 3010

Molylub BioChain 1000

Rivolta S.K.V 1

Molyduval Patricia CDA 46

Rivolta S.K.V. 2

Molyduval Patricia CDA 100

Rivolta F.L.

Molyduval Biolube

Rivolta T.R.S. Plus

Molyduval Ferroxin

Rivolta T.F.L. 10

Molyduval Moralub FBZ 10

Rivolta T.F.L. 90

Molyduval Additive PTFE 10

Konsistenciniai tepalai

Rivolta F.L.A.

Molyduval Soraja MP

Rivolta F.L.G. MD-2

Molyduval Siligra GU

Rivolta F.L.G. 2-0

Molylub Soraja CHA 20

Rivolta F.L.G. 3-1

Molyduval Prometheus LM

Rivolta F.L.G. 4-2

Molylub Soraja BM 2

Rivolta S.K.D. 3400

Molyduval Long-Life ZSA

Rivolta S.K.D. 3501

Molyduval Supravit 52 LM

Rivolta S.K.D. 3602

Molyduval Long-Life HD 2

Rivolta S.K.D. 3800

Nyco NycoGrease NX 50066

Rivolta S.K.D. 3802

Molyduval Rabilub EP 2

Rivolta S.K.D. 3817

Molyduval Rabilub CLM 2

Rivolta S.K.D. 4002

Molyduval Pegasus C 6

Rivolta S.K.D. 5001

Zarox TYA 511

Rivolta S.K.D. 5002

IKV Triboflon MYA 242 FG

Rivolta S.K.D. 5005

Molyduval Pegasus KD 460

Rivolta S.K.D. 6002

IKV Triboflon MYA 502 FG

Rivolta F.L.G. GT-2

Molyduval Soraja BA 2LV

Rivolta F.L.G. MD-2

Molyduval Siligra GI

Rivolta F.L.G. 2-0

Molyduval Soraja C 5300

Rivolta F.L.G. 3-1

Molyduval Prometheus A 0 LM

Rivolta F.L.G. 4-2

Molyduval Soraja B 282

Rivolta F.L.A.

Molyduval Soraja MP

Rivolta antikorozinės medžiagos

Rivolta K.S.P. 130

Molylub AntiCor DW Light

Rivolta K.S.P. 204

Molylub  AntiCor LF 68

Rivolta K.S.P. 305

Molyduval Ferroxin (Spray)

Rivolta K.S.P. 317

Molylub AntiCor LH3

Rivolta K.S.P. 325

Molylub AntiCorLong-Term
Rivolta valikliai

Rivolta S.R.K.

Molyduval Cleaner B

Rivolta S.F.R.

Molyduval Cleaner PVC

Rivolta A.C.S.

Molyduval Aceton Spray

Rivolta B.R.X.

Molyduval Cleaner W

Rivolta M.T.X. 60 forte

Molyduval Cleaner Spray

Kitos Bremer Lequil tepimo medžiagos

Rivolta W.A.P.

Molyduval Carat CLEB 1Z

Rivolta S.K.S. 40

Molylub Cutoil 10 Uni

Rivolta S.K.S. 48

Molylub Cutoil Extra

Rivolta S.I.L.

Molyduval Silikon Spray

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas :

Rivolta S.B.H. 11

S.B.H. 23

S.K.M. 17

S.K.M. 41

S.K.M. 46

S.K.M. 56

S.K.M. 121

S.K.M. 171

S.K.D. 16

S.K.D. 55

S.K.D. 170

S.K.D. 240

S.K.D. 2000

S.K.D. 3000

S.K.V. 1

S.K.V. 2

S.K.D. 3400

S.K.D. 3501

S.K.D. 3602

S.K.D. 3800

S.K.D. 3802

S.K.D. 3817

S.K.D. 4002

S.K.D. 5001/5002

T.R.S. Plus

S.K.D. 16

S.K.D. 16

S.K.D. 4002

S.K.D. 5001/5002

Rivolta F.L. 88 N

Rivolta B.F.C

Rivolta B.R.X. 501

Rivolta B.R.X. 585

Rivolta B.R.X. 611

Rivolta B.W.R. 210

Rivolta F.L COMP 170

Rivolta F.L. 100

Rivolta F.L. 1000

Rivolta F.L. 1000 (Aerosol)

rivolta F.L. 12

Rivolta F.L. 125

Rivolta F.L. 170

Rivolta F.L. 20

Rivolta F.L. 2000

Rivolta F.L. 2000 (Aerosol)

Rivolta F.L. 250

Rivolta F.L. 250 (aerosol)

Rivolta F.L. 400

Rivolta F.L. 5

Rivolta F.L. 5 (Aerosol)

Rivolta F.L. 50

Rivolta F.L. 50 (aerosol)

Rivolta F.L. 500

Rivolta F.L. 75

Rivolta F.L. 88 N (Spray)

Rivolta F.L. COMP 100

Rivolta F.L. COMP 125

Rivolta F.L. COMP 50

Rivolta F.L. COMP 75

Rivolta F.L. CPF

Rivolta F.L. CPF (Aerosol)

Rivolta F.L. HT

Rivolta F.L. HT (Spray)

Rivolta F.L. KF

Rivolta F.L. KF-P1

Rivolta F.L. KM 100

Rivolta F.L. PG 250

Rivolta F.L. PG 500

Rivolta F.L. SI

Rivolta F.L. SO

Rivolta F.L. TM (aerosol)

Rivolta F.L.A.

Rivolta F.L.G. 2-0

Rivolta F.L.G. 3-1

Rivolta F.L.G. 306

Rivolta F.L.G. 4-2

Rivolta F.L.G. GT-2

Rivolta F.L.G. GT-3

Rivolta F.L.G. GT-4

Rivolta F.L.G. GT-Spray

Rivolta F.L.G. HF-2

Rivolta F.L.G. MD-2

Rivolta HE 2

Rivolta HE 32

Rivolta L.S.P.

Rivolta M.T.X. 100

Rivolta M.T.X. 60

Rivolta S.B.C.

Rivolta S.I.L. (Aerosol)

Rivolta S.K.D. 5001

Rivolta S.K.D. 5002

Rivolta S.L.X. 1000

Rivolta S.L.X. 1000 (Aerosol)

Rivolta S.L.X. 500

Rivolta S.L.X. 500 (Aerosol)

Rivolta S.L.X. Rapid Aerosol

Rivolta S.L.X. Super

Rivolta S.L.X. Top

Rivolta S.L.X. Top (Aerosol)

Rivolta S.N.C. 101


Molylub has introduced a range of lubricant aerosol cans which spray from any angle they are held to access all facets of machinery and eliminate product wastage.


The Rivolta range includes application-specific, semi-synthetic lubricants for cleaning, corrosion protection and maintenance, such as anti-seize products, electrical conductors and protectors, and brake and component cleaners. The lubricants can be applied quickly and efficiently.


Rivolta SLX Rapid

is a universal rapid cleaner spray for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry, designed to clean and maintain electric and electronic installations and machines safely.


Rivolta ACS 3

is a fast evaporating cleaner that doesn’t leave residues. The food-grade quality lubricant offers rapid and total degreasing of steel and shiny metal surfaces. Components of the product act to remove different contaminants and it is available in a 750 mL aluminium-monobloc spray can with a non-flammable propellant.


TRS Plus

a maintenance product, is a multifunctional creep and fine oil, designed to release and restart seized mechanical parts. It is fully synthetic and has a wide temperature operating range. The product is based on pure basic materials and is free of halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatics and carcinogenic compounds. It can be used to lubricate precision instruments, maintain automobiles, treat plastics and protect stainless steel from water marks.


SKS 40
Rivolta SKS 48

are also maintenance products in the range and are fully synthetic, non-hazardous, chlorine-free and designed to extend the service life of machinery. SKS 40 is a cutting-oil for the machining of metals, while SKS 48 is a higher performance version of the cutting oil for difficult machining operations.

Rivolta S.K.D. 5001/5002

High performance greases for highest temperature Rivolta S.K.D. 5001/5002 are special fully synthetic greases based on a fluorine oil and a special thickener. This combination gives a thermal stability to the products superior to conventional high temperature greases. With this products lubricate even up to the temperature limit for lubricants (250°C) and it offers full