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Bitzer BSE 32


Nyco NycoLube 7030


Bitzer BSE 55


Nyco NycoLube 7050


Bitzer BSE 170


Nyco NycoLube 7471


Bitzer B 100


Molyduval Patricia KAB 100


Bitzer B 150 SH


Molyduval Patricia K 150 STR


Bitzer B 320 SH


Molyduval Patricia K 400 STR


Bitzer G 32


Repsol Polar 32


Bitzer G 46


Repsol Polar 46


Bitzer G 68


Repsol Polar 68

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Bitzer BSE replacement

Bitzer B5

B5 Reciprocating Compressor Oil

Bitzer B5

B5 Reciprocating Compressor Oil

Bitzer BSE 32

Polyolester Compressor Oil

Bitzer BSE 170

Polyolester Screw Compressor Oil

Bitzer BSE 60K

Polyolester CO2 Compressor Oil


This oil is a 100% synthetic POE blend designed for HFC and HCFC refrigerant gas miscibility in industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and chiller applications.  It delivers optimum oil return to the compressor while also reducing oil carryover which in turn improves heat transfer. This longer life oil is 100% compatible with elastomers, pants, plastics, and other POE based oils.  It is not designed for ammonia systems.

Bitzer BSE 32 Benefits :

• Less hygroscopic than other POE-based oils

• Fewer problems associated with viscosity dilution