Biologiškas metalo apdirbimo skystis

Biologiška vandeniu nuplaunama vamzdžių sriegimo alyva


Mineralinės alyvos kiekis, %

Klampumas prie 20ºC, mm2 /s


Panaudojimas, savybės




Supercut BIO












Sint Bio Ester

Sriegimo alyvos.

Pilnai sintetinė, biologiškai iri vandeniu nuplaunama vandentiekio vamzdžių jungčių sriegimo alyva. Puikios antikorozinės, sriegiklių dėvėjimosi apsaugos savybės. Be chloro, amino junginių.

Keičia REMS Sanitol.


Pakuotės: 1, 5, 20 ltr.


Sriegimo tepalai vamzdžių sriegiams.

Molyduval Biocut

is a synthetic based Chlorine, Cobalt and Nitrite free multipurpose biodegradable extreme pressure emulsified cutting oil which forms a stable milky emulsion when added to water.

Molyduval Biocut contains a highly sophisticated system of extreme pressure additives, non silicone anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-bacterial agents and is suitable for use with all machining applications and materials as a coolant/lubricant.

Molyduval Aqualub Bio

is a non toxic, non re-active, non carcinogenic, readily biodegradable degreaser derived from renewable resources and is safe to use,    Molyduval Aqualub Bio is a safe alternative to hazardous petroleum based degreasers or harsh alkaline cleaners. This product combines a variety of natural and biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers made from oranges and soybeans - in perfect balance to produce a "green" degreaser that dissolves the heaviest grease deposits.


Molyduval Aqualub Bio can be used to remove gum, wax, oil, tar, dirt, adhesives as well as grease and grime, it even cleans concrete and masonry, machinery and equipment, motors and other metal parts. Molyduval Aqualub Bio utilises an emulsifiable formula that penetrates deposits fast, allowing you to rinse the dirt and residue away with water