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Molyduval Ciric BE 40 CKA aukštatemperatūrinis tepimo mišinys su kietaisiais tepikliais krosnies įklojų sandarikliams

Molyduval Prometheus B 280 purškiamas grafitinis lubrikantas su puikiomis paviršių astkyrimo savybėmis

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Cooling takes place in this process either via a GCT (gas condition tower) with water injection or through the admixture of ambient air.

The first of these options requires substantial expenditures for pumps, nozzles and an evaporation zone, but has the advantage of a smaller volume flow because of heat dissipation. In the second option, the volume flow increases, along with the size of the filter, but with the advantage that the structural expenditures for the gas cooling system are significantly lower.

Both cooling systems can also be combined as a hybrid system in order to achieve improved control performance during start-up and switching, or get by with the existing cooling tower in the event of an improvement in performance.

In special cases, exhaust gases from the clinker cooler and the kiln are fed to a common filter in order, for example, to have higher heat levels available when using extremely damp raw materials.