Acmos chemie

Acmos Acmosin skystis

Acmositol alyva


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Siūloma  alternatyva

Medienos staklių tepikliai


Acmos Waxilit 22-60


Molyduval Tutela Fluid 15


Acmos Waxilit 22-40 D


Molyduval Polypan GE 68


Acmos Waxilit 22-74


Molyduval Emulator EM 40W

Metalo apdirbimo skysčiai


Acmos ACMOSIT 65-20  


Molyduval Aqualub GH 20


Acmos ACMOSIT 65-50 


Molyduval Aqualub GSA 10


Acmos ACMOSIT 65-62 


Molyduval Aqualub GS 20                                 


Acmos ACMOSIT 60-100 


Molyduval Aqualub GSA 10


Acmos 43-2422


Molyduval Aladin GG


Acmos 46-40


Molylub Beta S 4100


Acmos 46-41-3


Molylub Grind TKS


Acmos Acmositol 62-07


Molylub Grind A-755


Acmos Acmositol 62-31


Molyduval Supercut SM 1CL


Acmos Acmosin 51-10


Molylub DW 3 Light


Acmos Acmosin 51-14


Molylub DW 3


Acmos Acmosin 53-35


Molyduval Tutela M 446 W


Acmos Acmosin 51-60


Molylub Stamp 65

Paviršių atskirimo skysčiai


Acmos 100-2450


Molyduval Emulator Spray


Acmos Waxilit 22-2411 Spray


Molyduval Emulator W Spray

Acmosil 36-5166

Molyduval Silo E 35

Acmosil 36-8010

Molyduval Silo ISO 22

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Acmos Acmosit

Acmos Waxilit

Acmos Lubricants replacement

Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-21 FL
Lubricant for contact surfaces on woodworking machines, sliding rails, hinges, drawer, saw blades, milling and moulding cutters, veneer jointing machines.

Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-30 P

Acmos lubricant sliding spray 22-2411

Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-60
Lubricant for woodworking machines, i.e. moulders, planers, thicknesser, band saw,
Spindles and routers.

Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-71 F


Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-74
As above but with a mineral oil carrier. Transport friendly and flashpoint >60 degrees centigrade.

Acmos lubricant WAXILIT 22-40 D
Lubricant for plastic sliding surfaces. Ideal for plastic drawer slides.

Acmos release agent 1124B
Release agent in paste form for veneers, urea and melamine resin adhesives.

Acmos release agent 1124B-FL
As above but in liquid form for spray application.

Acmos release agent 81-400 WE

Acmos release agent 81-400 

Acmos release agent 88-56
Release agent in liquid form, used in processing decorative films and high pressure laminates. Spray on application.

Acmos release agent 100-424
Release agent in liquid form, used in the manufacture of plywood.

Acmos release agent 71-100 TS
Release agent for spray booths.

Acmos release agent 100-20
Release agent for urea, melamine and PVAc adhesives as well as phenolic resins.

Acmos release agent 100-81 S
Release agent for thermo plastic adhesives on edge banding machines and for phenolic or similar resins which are applied in liquid form without pre-drying.

Acmos release agent 100-2450
Universal release agent in aerosol cans for nearly all glues and adhesives and especially on edge banding machines for those difficult to reach places.

Acmos release agent 100-426
Release agent for short cycle presses. Ideal for preventing anti-static on conveyor belts, press transport belts and Mylar sheeting.

Acmos release agent 100-5030
Release agent for thermoplastic adhesives on edge banding machines.

Acmos release agent 101-5060
As above but suitable for PVAc adhesive.

Acmos release agent 103-30
Release agent for resorcinol resin glues (i.e. Kauresin and PUR glues).

Acmos release agent 103-50

Acmos release agent 81-474 (Fluid)
Release agent for phenolic-resin coated surfaces or similar resins.

Acmos release agent 81-475 (Paste)


Acmos plastic cleaner ACMOSOL
Cleaning of plastic surfaces i.e. PVC windows and doors and pvc car interiors..

Acmos cleaner ACMOSOL 131-10
Used on glue spreading machines using urea and PVAc adhesives.

Acmos cleaner ACMOSOL 131-20
Facilitates the removal of hot melt adhesive residues from glue spreading machines, collecting tanks and stirring mechanisms.

Acmos cleaner ACMOSOL 133-5045
Similar to above but suitable for removing Cascamite residue.

Acmos cleaner ACMOSOL 133-1
Used for removing deposits on press plates.

Acmos cleaner ACMOSOL 130-102
Suitable for the cleaning of hot melt adhesive tanks on edge banders.


Acmos resin dissolver ACMOSITAL
Resin solvent for woodworking tools. Dissolves resin residues and can be diluted with water. Not flammable.

Acmos resin dissolver ACMOSITAL 2000